Hellboy 2019

'Hellboy' is a Good Film Trapped in the Body of a Terrible One [Review]

Any horror fan has seen at least one or two films where a possessed human fights against monsters to keep them under control and contained within them (it's that whole good vs. evil within us metaphor for beginners); unfortunately it's also a perfect analog to the new reboot of 'Hellboy'. Somewhere inside is a really […]

Mezco Toys Opens Preorders For One:12 Collective Hellboy From New Film

Mezco Toys Opens Preorders For One:12 Collective Hellboy From New Film

Hellboy is coming back to theaters this Friday, and Mezco Toys is now taking preorders for a new Big Red figure in their One:12 Collective line. He will come with multiple interchangeable parts, including hands and heads, and his duster coat. Two guns and a gun case will also be included. He will cost you […]

New 'Hellboy' Trailer Coming TONIGHT Says Mike Mignola

Sounds like we're getting a new trailer for Lionsgate's Hellboy reboot TONIGHT, at least according to the source material comic creator Mike Mignola. Can't wait for you all to see the new #Hellboy trailer! Tonight at midnight. pic.twitter.com/RdjNBvq5Dh — Mike Mignola (@artofmmignola) February 28, 2019 We'll let you know as soon as the new trailer hits tonight, […]

See New David Harbour 'Hellboy' Image from Empire Magazine!

Yes, we're still sort of divided on the notion of not finishing Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy film trilogy, but, the more we see of David Harbour as Big Red, the more cautiously optimistic we are. This new glimpse comes from Empire Magazine, and features Harbour in full Hellboy getup running down a darkly lit hallway. The image reveal […]

Comparing Big Red to Hamlet: David Harbour Talks 'Hellboy'

David Harbour is stepping into some pretty big cloven-hoof shoes in 2019 with Hellboy, and he knows it. The multi award-winning actor (for his role of Sheriff Hopper on Netflix's Stranger Things) recently chatted with C|NET about several things, including why he thinks Big Red is a little bit Hamlet, and his history with the comic. C|NET: […]