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Star Wars Replica Helmets from Hasbro Perfect for Your Collection
The best thing about this replica is is that there are no more than $109 and are just jampacked with detail, very study and fairly priced. Coming up first is Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren helmet This helmet is a voice changer and fits quite snug on your head It shows off the iconic new First[...]
Darth Vader Pyre Helmet from "The Force Awakens" Gets EFX Replica
We saw how Kylo Ren twisted his grandfather's legacy and showcased a melted Darth Vader helmet in his chambers It looks like now with EFX we will be able to order in on our own Darth Vader pyre helmet replica This replica is not a cheap endeavor but it is definitely something unique EFX has[...]
Star War Replicas from the Black Series Coming Soon
From lightsabers to masks, and helmets, they make are Fantasies reality Hasbro has announced two new Star Wars Replicas for Triple Force Friday To start it all off Hasbro has announced the most authentic Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber to date Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's Crossblade is getting real VIP treatment this time It has[...]
Darth Vader Helmet - front
Darth Vader is number 1 on the list of helmets that Hasbro should make in their Black Series role-playing line That is probably why they waited to do it forth, after the Kylo Ren helmet, Stormtrooper, and Poe Dameron X-Wing helmets they have already done Once you do Vader, pretty much all that is left[...]
Comic Creators' Helmets Get Considerable Attention On eBay
At New York Comic Con, the FDNY and Marvel debuted an exclusive selection of fire helmet designs created by book artists including Joe Quesada, Kaare Andrews, Phil Jimenez, Walter Simonson and more Some of those helmets were auctioned last Saturday to raise money for the FDNY Foundation – the official non-profit organization of the New York[...]
Jim Starlin And Walter Simonson Show Off Their Helmets
Jim Starlin just posted on Facebook; This helmet looks like it may play a part in the new series I'm writing for DC Comics. Could that be a little Vigilante? Walter Simonson has also tweetedAny more for any more?   Jim Starlin just posted on Facebook; This helmet looks like it may play a part in the new series[...]
Designing Dredd's Helmet
From the professional portfolio of Edmund Woodward, working on the new Dredd movie. And a few prelims...