FOXs The Masked Singer: The Guilty Pleasure We Didnt Know We Needed [SPOILER REVIEW]

FOX's "The Masked Singer': The Guilty Pleasure We Didn't Know We Needed [SPOILER REVIEW]

  The Clues https://youtu.be/rBZO_yZdi3g And now...The Performances! The Monster https://youtu.be/iKHwcuNvrTM The Peacock https://youtu.be/Pv_qCDK9xYw The Unicorn https://youtu.be/a3ysbYD4JBQ The Hippo https://youtu.be/TuI0rAB_G_0 The Deer https://youtu.be/CuRGR0HN5T0 The Lion https://youtu.be/hxqA_sxZDgwBleeding Cool's real-time thoughts...Tiffany: They booked the episode with the best vocals - Peacock and Lion[...]

Newborn Baby Hippo Makes its Debut at Disneys Animal Kingdom

Newborn Baby Hippo Makes its Debut at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

A Nile Hippopotamus was born this weekend in Disney's Animal Kingdom! The first calf born there in almost 13 years, the calf is staying close to proud mom Tuma The gender of the calf is unknown at this time as to allow optimal bonding between mom and baby Hippo calfs weigh between 60-110 pounds!According to[...]