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Ride in Style as Good Smile Company Reissues and Debuts Figma Horse
One steady companion has been horses allowing your action figures to gallop off into the sunset and in style We have seen new horse figures released through McFarlane Toys, especially with their The Witcher and The Dark Knight Returns BAF wave, but Good Smile Company is challenging that.  Their popular horse figma is back with a[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday
A little while ago someone not entirely unconnected to Marvel Comics asked me of the nature of the word "plonker" in British slang and just wanted to check whether it could safely be used in an American comic book without, for want of a better phrase, scaring the horses I replied that while the word[...]
Valkyrie's Mr Horse Tells Marvel Readers "Never Trust A Tory"
The winged horse known simply as Mr Horse was bred and raised by the Vanir on Vanaheim The series Jane Foster: Valkyrie revealed he could a) speak and b) spoke with a very strong Yorkshire accent So much so that when Al Ewing left the title, he gave notes to subsequent creative teams on how[...]
"The Witcher": Our First-Look at Roach... Because YOU Demanded It
But aside from the whole "lack-of-two-swords" debate, there's been one thing that's been nagging fans – the one face they had yet to see: Geralt's horse/companion Roach. With only days to go before "The Endless Scroll" brings the crew from The Witcher to Comic-Con International: San Diego (otherwise known as SDCC), Netflix is giving the people[...]