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Rare HR Giger Documentary Alien Makers 3 Is Online… For Now At Least

The Alien Makers series of online documentaries by Dennis Lowe are must-watch videos for fans of the Alien series of movies, of which I'm addressing many, I'm sure. Lowe worked on FX on the original film, as well as Legend, Labyrinth and The Empire Strikes Back, and interviewed many of his collaborators on Alien for […]

HR Giger Coming Back To Work On The Alien Prequel

It's Alien Prequel night here at Bleeding Cool. Not deliberately, it's just how it went down by chance, but I can't say no to a bit of Alien news myself, so I'm happy. According to HR Giger's wife, Carmen Scheifele, the great designer is returning to do work on Ridley Scott's new Alien picture. There's […]