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Hunger Is The Creepy New Game From LittleBigPlanet Vita Developer
Except, you know for being desperately oppressive, dark and creepy. Hunger lets you assume the role of a little girl called Six, whose trying to navigate an underwater…space(?) called the Maw Looks spooky I want in. [youtube][/youtube] Well this is an intriguing surprise When I think of LittleBigPlanet, I think of super frentic, hyperactive fun times[...]
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Is she psychic? The truth is out there! Tell me, Hunger,  because I'm curious, is there an actual difference between full speed and full ramming speed? Because I'm sure the former would do as well Though "ramming" is probably cooler and maybe that's just the way you want to go out. Cheating Batwoman! But is that acceptable?[...]
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Though maybe he could say "no more murder" a bit more, if he wants people to have a different attitude towards him. Hunger #3 is out today – you remember that comic? That it exists? And Ultimate Rick Jones catches up with the past few years of Ultimate spoilers… New Image book Bushido launches today as[...]
Rick Jones Gets Time Quaked In Hunger #1
From Blackbeard Ben Grimm to Marvel Zombies to Spider-Man 2099 to the Squadron Supreme. Well, in today's Hunger #1 something similar happens to the Ultimate Rick Jones… How many more of him can any universe take? Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Currently running the following exhibition.   Time Quake! These appeared at the end of the Age[...]
So, Age Of Ultron #10 UC Is Now Called Hunger And Gambit Comes To A Sticky End…
I suppose Age Of Ultron #10UC #2 just wouldn't have stood up. Nevertheless, looking at Marvel's solicitations for August, we are told that Age Of Ultron #10UC from July's solicits has now been renamed Hunger and it's a four issue limited series It looks like Galactus, the Thanos from another dimension recently referred to his Galactus[...]
Tony Scott: 1944 – 2012.
Scott may have been playing to the cheap seats with his shameless audience pleasers, but audiences across the globe loved him for that. Starting out in TV commercials he got something of a false start with lubricious vampire flick The Hunger before getting his 'real' break from Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer on Top Gun. As well[...]