BC Mag #1: Review: Hypernaturals

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rick Verbanas. Veteran comic writers Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett have been playing in the cosmic playground for years. Whether taking on the Legion of Super Heroes for DC Comics or Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel, this writing duo is known for entertaining tales which span worlds, galaxies and […]

Cammy's Covers – Fairest To Hypernaturals

Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool; Fairest #8 by Adam Hughes First and foremost, I had to edit the ARROW banner from the top, because it just ruins the image had I included it. Why do you hate beautiful covers, DC? It's completely insulting to the artist to try and draw attention away from this […]

Preview: Hypernaturals #3

[issuu width=420 height=323 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120831221345-89ea2ba985f54e47a5451a9886c8e989 name=hypernaturals_03_preview username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] The Hypernaturals. Abnett and Lanning. Issue Three. Cosmic superhero stuff. Like what the a legion just couldn't do. That is all…

Steed And Mrs Peel And Hypernaturals Covers For November

It's that time of the month. When solicitation release is just round the corner. And publishers, like Boom! start to show off their covers for the next month. Here, for example, are the covers for Steed And Mrs Peel #3 and The Hypernaturals #5. And the solicitations to boot; Steed And Mrs Peel #3 John […]

Hypernaturals #1 Sells Out Of Second Print, Goes To Third

Issue 2 of the Abnett and Lanning kinda-Legion Of Superheroes comic Hypernaturals is out next week, but the first issue still appears to be selling and Boom! are going to a third print. Here's the cover above, and a preview of issue 2 below. The first print had a print run of 12,000, the second […]

REVIEW: Hypernaturals #1 by Abnett, Lanning, Walker and Guinaldo

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool. He will be reporting for us from San Diego Comic Con. I don't know how it happened, but we blinked and ended up suddenly in a new golden age of comic book science fiction. Maybe it has to do with the whole "end times" vibe that's been creeping into […]

Hypernaturals #1 Sells Out, At 12,000, Goes To Second Print

I'm always happy to run these kind of articles. As long as we also get the statistics. Hypernaturals #1, out this week from Boom! Comics, pretty much Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's own non-corporate version of Legion Of Superheroes, has sold out of it's 12,000 print run in advance. This is the cover of the […]

Bill Sienkiewicz's Hypernaturals #1 Cover. You Won't See Many Of Them.

This is the Bill Sienkiewicz cover for Hypernaturals #1 from Boom! Studios. It is available, slabbed at CGC 9.8, to all retailers who ordered a very large quantity of the standard comic. There are, as a result, only fifty copies, all others from the print run have been destroyed. This is what they did last […]

The Hypernaturals In September

  September September Sepotember September September September. September. Anyway, here are the covers to the third issues of The Hypernaturals from Abnett and Lanning and Boom! Studios.  

Valiant And Boom Would Like You To Look At Hypernaturals #1 And Bloodshot #1

You can tell it's a certain time of the month when publishers start getting antsy about orders. Today, it seems, is that last day you can place advance orders of Hypernaturals #1 and Bloodshot #1, and probably lots of other comics besides, and still be assured of getting copies. And clearly both Boom and Valiant […]

Thursday Runaround – Grant Morrison Will Make You A New Person

HyperWatch: Cover for Hypernaturals #2 out in August by Francesco Mattina, Timothy Green II, and Trevor Harsine. StarWatch: Retailer Bret Parks, owner of Salefish Comics in Salem, North Carolina, has written "Strikes," a self-published mini-comic with local artist Ben Towle, about wanting to see Empire Strikes Back as a child. ChangeWatch: Grant Morrison promises a […]

BC Mag #0: Defining the BOOM! Generation

Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Rich Johnston From humble beginnings to winning "Best Publisher Under 4%" for a few years as voted by comic book retailers in Diamond's Gem Awards, BOOM! Studios have developed owner Ross Richie's passion for comics into one of the best known comic publishing houses in the industry. With a mix […]

Talking To The Hypernaturals' Magnetar About Shoes. Big Shoes.

Hypernaturals is the new Boom series from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, that's getting a Free Comic Book Day bump and then launching proper in June. The future of the Quantinuum has seen humanity spread across the cosmos, adapted to new and different environments and, as a result, popped out a few superheroes along the […]