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New Illustrated Edition Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
Rowling that introduced us to the young Harry Potter, his friends Hermione and Ron and the evil Voldemort. Scholastic and Bloomsbury Publishing are behind this new edition and have released some of the illustrations along with a video of Kay talking about the models he makes to use as reference. The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and[...]
Fearworms Asks 'What Do You Fear?'
Illustrations by well-known industry artists William Stout, Dave Stevens, Mike Mignola, Simon Bisley, Tim Gula, and Cabeen, an illustrator himself, accompanied his horror stories. "Clowns" opens the Cabeen's new book Fearworms It is an old poem from the 1980s about killer clowns before it was a popular trope Cabeen was initially inspired by the true story[...]
Drag Queens Are Superheroes At C2E2
I was doing them in a style I had never done before, this very simple colorful cartoony style, and I really liked it and I posted it online and I tweeted Raja and she shared it with all of her fans and was super awesome and I was like 'this was my first brush with[...]
Celebrating Juan Serrano's Dark Visions – With Art Gallery
This Madrid native is best known for his fantasy illustrations published in numerous art books, magazines such as Cthulhu, on book covers, in boardgames and on cards. He works for American companies Avatar Press, Dark Planet or Arcana Studios He also created illustrations for card games like Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (White Wolf, Inc in 2008),[...]
Mike Roshuk Turns Disney Princesses Into War Goddesses
By José Luis del Río Mike Roshuk is a digital artist and photographer based in Edmonton Alberta, creating works of art combining real images of models with illustration He is famous for his illustrations of Disney's Princesses dressed as warriors Also he makes amazing pin-ups based on Marvel Comics We had the opportunity to chat with[...]