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"Blockers" Director Kay Cannon Directing Biopic About Improv Legends Del Close and Charna Halpern
Cannon comes from an improv background herself, having met Tina Fey in Chicago while both were involved with Second City and ImprovOlympic She'll direct a script by Rich Talarico and Alex Fendrich, both of whom are also products of ImprovOlympic. Editorial credit: DFree / Del and Charna were instrumental in building ImprovOlympic into a hallowed institution[...]
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Here are some of the highlights: ●  What you need to know about Lewis up front: they used to call her "motormouth" when she was a kid; she enjoys throwing out everyday facts with an off tone for a laugh and a reaction; she counts In Living Color and Saturday Night Live as two major television[...]
Writer, Actor Tino Insana Of Bobby's World Fame Dies At 69
Insana's career may have started with Bobby's World but it didn't end there: over the course of the next twenty-five years, he would go on to voice characters in animated projects that included Darkwing Duck, Pepper Ann, Buzz Lightyear, and Goof Troop. But before shifting his career into voice acting, Insana began as an improvisational comedian/actor and[...]