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DC’s Stargirl S2 E10 : Wait, Shade Has Been Lying The Whole Time?
But when you want to loosen up, there's always an opportunity to kind of hang out, relax. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DC's Stargirl's Alex Collins Bleeding Cool Interview ( The CW's DC's Stargirl's Alex Collins can finally talk about his role as Dr[...]
Interview: Cassius Marsh On A Magic: The Gathering Box Break Event
We got the chance to interview Marsh in anticipation of a box break event at his store Cash Cards Unlimited, set to occur on October 23rd Therein, the NFL star will be opening a booster box of Revised Edtion for his clients, who paid into the box break within 24 hours of its announcement! In[...]
Apache Junction Star Stuart Townsend on Living His Western Dream
You can check out our interview with Lee here. Growing up, Stuart Townsend was a big fan of Westerns following the likes of the films of Sergio Leone and stars Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne, but the opportunities weren't always there in the current era Having worked in the industry for almost three[...]
Lou Llobell Shines as Gaal Dornick in Apple TV +'s Foundation
This is something we hope that the show will do and continue in that tradition.  Enjoy the full interview here: Trading the halls of Hogwarts for the vastness of outer space, Alfred Enoch is currently amazing viewers in Apple TV +'s epic adaptation of Foundation as Raych Foss Whether you're familiar with Enoch for portraying Dean[...]
Evil Star Christine Lahti on Mother-Daughter Relationship & More
You can check out our interview with Emerson here. For such a wide range of main characters in the Paramount+ series Evil, it would be easy to get lost in the shuffle but creators Robert and Michelle King manage to find creative ways to incorporate compelling storytelling for all involved Christine Lahti, who plays Sheryl[...]
Leah Harvey in “Foundation,
It's become a proper family and I'm really thankful for them all.  Full interview here: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: BLEEDING COOL FOUNDATION LEAH HARVEY ( Leah Harvey (On the Road, Small Island) stars in Apple TV +'s highly-anticipated Foundation as Salvor Hardin[...]
Apple TV+'s Foundation's Jared Harris on Hari Seldon
But obviously, he has a lot bigger concerns than anything I've ever dealt with.  You can enjoy the full but very short interview here: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Foundation star Jared Harris : Bleeding Cool Interview ( Trailer : Image: Apple Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation is a thrilling and emotional saga[...]
Apple TV+'s Foundation's Lee Pace Explains Brother Day & More
I'm very cautious about what I say in these interviews because it is a riddle I don't want to solve it for anyone I want to be very clear to the audience that this is just my kind of interpretation of it So take it with a grain of sand I'm proud of my work[...]
But she's pretty fashion-forward, I would say. You can check out the full interview here: Lou Llobell (Voyagers) stars in Apple TV +'s highly anticipated Foundation as Gaal Dornick A relative newcomer to the industry, the Spanish-born London-based actress is completely engaging in her nuanced portrayal of Gaal as she helps guide the audience through this[...]