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Ip Man 3 And The Kung Fu Hero Myth – Look! It Moves! By Adisakdi Tantimedh

Oh look, it’s Ip Man 3, and this time he fights Mike Tyson!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo7z8c87EggNow, I’m sure many of you don’t think Bruce Lee’s kung fu teacher really fought Mike Tyson Mike Tyson would have been in kindergarten when Ip Man passed away in 1972, but why let that get in the way of a good Kung[...]

It's Donnie Yen Versus Mike Tyson In New Ip Man 3 Posters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jckXscMwIOIDonnie Yen continues his legendary Ip Man film series, chronicling the life of the man who trained Bruce Lee, with Ip Man 3! I can’t tell you how excited this movie makes me! The first two Ip Man movies were rather exceptional by my estimation We live in an age where martial arts movies are becoming far[...]

The Many Movies Of Ip Man – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

Its main gimmick is that Ip Man was the man who taught Bruce Lee It’s only the fourth movie about Ip Man to come along since 2008, it’s worth noting his worth as a cultural figure in modern Chinese history.Ip Man was a grandmaster of Wing Chun, a defensive fighting form for close combat originally[...]