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Warrior of Thunder: Chinese War Series Yanked from Air for Fancy Hair
The criticism called out the show's soldier heroes sporting fancy 21st Century haircuts with gel and the fancy villa they were living in while fighting the Japanese Army during the most brutal part of the War. "Warrior of Thunder" aka "Leiting Zhanjian", iqiyi On Sunday, an editorial in the influential state-run newspaper People's Daily panned the series'[...]
Mulan Will Be Available for Free on Disney+....Eventually
And they were all bad. "Matchless Mulan" poster, iqiyi Matchless Mulan, directed by Chen Cheng and starring Hu Xia Er, follows the basic Mulan story where she takes up arms to fight against Rouran invaders It's the same thing all over again, grittier than Disney's and increasingly gloomy as Mulan loses her friends, makes a last stand,[...]
"The Queen of Kung Fu" and the Alternate Universe of Chinese Streamers
The whole movie is 75 blissful minutes of Li Meng Meng beating up a series of corrupt cops, gangsters, and obligatory Japanese baddies. "The Queen of Kung Fu" poster, iqiyi Just look at the official synopsis: "The girl with superhuman strength sweeps away the gang! Axi was born with superhuman strength but was abandoned by her parents[...]