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Supergirl's Crossover Episode With The Flash Gets A First Teaser

Entertainment Weekly posted the first brief look at the upcoming crossover between Supergirl and The Flash in an episode they just had to call "Worlds Finest." The episode sees Flash star Grant Gustin crossing the dimensional barriers to Supergirl's as-yet unnumbered Earth. The pair will face off against Live Wire and Silver Banshee. As executive […]

Supergirl's Silver Banshee Screams In First Look Photo

Silver Banshee makes her debut in this photo released by Entertainment Tonight. Played by Italia Ricci, she will first appear in the more earthly person of Siobhan Smythe. Hired by Cat Grant as a second assistant, she will tussle with Kara in the office before the two match wits and powers in their costumed identities. […]

Italia Ricci To Join Supergirl As Silver Banshee

Deadline reports that Chasing Life vet Italia Ricci has been cast in a recurring role as Siobhan Smythe on CBS' Supergirl. She will initially be presented as a nemesis for Kara at Catco before becoming Silver Banshee. The character, created by John Byrne, first appeared in 1985's Action Comics #595 as a foil for Superman, […]