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Jacques Tardi Objects To Israeli 'Occupation' Of Paris With Cartoon
French cartoonist Jacques Tardi has rallied against a cultural event in Paris that honours Tel Aviv, saying, It's my total outrage that motivated this drawing One year after the massacre in Gaza, should we do the festival on the banks of the Seine This is provocation It's almost an insult This is completely obscene and irresponsible[...]
Jacques Tardi Turns Down The Legion D'Honneur
Jacques Tardi has turned down France's highest award for civilians in the New Year's Honours list. He issued the statement; Being fiercely attached to my freedom of thought and creativity, I do not want to receive anything, neither from this government or from any other political power whatsoever I am therefore refusing this medal with the greatest[...]
When Maurice Sendak Wanted To Blow Up President Bush
Kim Thompson conducts a career-spanning interview with French graphic novel pioneer Jacques Tardi; the two will explore the Eisner Award-winner's genre-spanning oeuvre comprising historical fiction, action-adventure, crime-thriller, "icepunk" and more Art Spiegelman conducts a wide-ranging aesthetic colloquy on classic kids' comics (Carl Barks's Donald Duck, John Stanley's Little Lulu, Sheldon Mayer's Sugar and Spike, and[...]