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As the two are separated, Loki is forced through a portal to relive the time when he's confronted by Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) for snipping her hair before calls him out for his immature act and declaring he'll always be alone, but not before she slaps him in the face and knees him in the[...]
NBC Renews Blindspot for a Fourth Season
That's a +94% bump over the same day ratings and +9% bump in demo rating over last year. The series stars Jaimie Alexander as an amnesiac Jane Doe who was found naked in Time Square and covered in tattoos, including the name of FBI Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) Now Jane works with Weller and the[...]
Blindspot deception
Another one that is coming up in conversation is Blindspot on NBC and the new ABC series Deception, both from executive producer Martin Gero. People: Jaimie Alexander Photo by NBC/Sandro/NBC – © 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC — People: Jack Cutmore-Scott If you're not familiar with Deception, it's a new series that debuts on March 11th and[...]
Series creator Martin Gero is confirming that Mitchell's character, Roman, is behind Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) new light-up tattoos This was the big reveal at the end of Season 2, but now the show is going to jump ahead two years — and everyone has secrets. Gero told TVLine: "It would be fair to guess that Roman is[...]
Blindspot Season 3
While on the Emmy red carpet last night, Blindspot and Thor actress Jaimie Alexander spoke with TVLine's Michael Ausiello about the series' upcoming third season Big plans seem to be in the works, as the show takes a two-year jump in time and will be introducing new characters, some who are very heavily connected to[...]
Adding To The Mystery Of Blindspot
This Fall, NBC has a new series called Blindspot from Greg Berlanti and starring Jaimie Alexander (Thor) and Sullivan Stapleton (Strikeback) The basic concept is an amnesiac woman is discovered in Time Square, naked and covered in fresh tattoos One of the tattoos has the name of an FBI agent the tattoos are clues… to[...]
Batman, Superman, And More Thor – Saturday Trending Topics
What does Jaimie Alexander know about Batman/Superman? Thor: The Dark World is about to hit theaters* which means cast members are all over the place talking up the movie Jaimie Alexander was doing just now at Stan Lee's ComiKaze convention in LA, and she has let something potentially very interesting slip out. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday: Jaimie[...]
Jaimie Alexander Has Been Talking To WB About Batman Vs. Superman, Promises Thor 3
Thor: The Dark World is about to hit theaters* which means cast members are all over the place talking up the movie. Jaimie Alexander was doing just now at Stan Lee's ComiKaze convention in LA, and she has let something potentially very interesting slip out. Here's how Forbes' movie blogger reports what was heard from Alexander during her appearance on the[...]