Coulson Wins Everything – 'Recapping Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2.12: 'Who You Really Are'

By Amanda Gurall

imageNothing like an Asgardian rising out of the sea to ruin a good beach marshmallow roast eh? Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) made an appearance in this week's SHIELD in black leather dragging her sword out of the water and looking for "kava".  From this we see May (Ming-Na Wen) and Skye (Chloe Bennet) doing some hard core fighting at HQ but Skye is holding back. May talks about controlling her emotions and assumes Skye is still shaken over Tripp's death but we know she is afraid of what will happen if she unleashes her unknown strength and so does Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) who appears just in time to put the training off for awhile.
Hunter (Nick Blood) and Bobbi (Adrianne Palacki) are in bed, apparently they have taken their flirting to the next level but Bobbi is still not sharing her secrets. Coulson (Clark Gregg) has offered Hunter a permanent position with SHIELD and Hunter feels that Bobbi's work for SHIELD was the thing holding them back from a happy relationship in the past.  They can proceed on all fronts now but she seems less than convinced. Coulson and Mac (Henry Simmons) are having their own meeting in which Coulson offers him a position in the field. Coulson is resetting his pieces for the long haul fight against HYDRA but he may not be choosing wisely in this case.  Mac is hesitantly be violent but Coulson's confidence spurs him on to accept.  May enters the room and tells them that a "blue dot" operative in Portugal phoned and everybody should hop on the bus.

Faro, Portugal.  Authorities have detained Lady Sif who is sitting calmly waiting for "Kava" but of course she gets Coulson.  She is suffering from amnesia so Coulson gets out his digital photos of all the good times they had together, ever the fanboy.  She trusts him even though he is not kava but he is going to help her figure this out. Skye finds a video on Twitter of Lady Sif in a pretty epic boardwalk brawl with a man who is able to hold his own against her.  He is wielding some sort of small hammer like tool and he uses this to zap her in the chest.  She strikes him with her sword and some liquid shoots out along with sparks before he throws her into the water. If she travelled across the universe to find this guy he must be dangerous.

The man storms into a hospital and demands to have access to their fuel and power supplies, the nurse at the desk protests and he tells her that someone on her world has changed and he is there to put them down.  He jabs her with his electro meat tenderizer and as she loses her memory he starts to turn blue.  On the bus the team is analyzing the fight video and they confirm that he is wearing some unworldly sort of metal that Sif damaged so they divide up to gather forensics and interview witnesses.  It is good to see them doing some simple investigation and not just relying on "magical" devices.  Then again Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) tells everyone that they should capture him before talking to him, using force if necessary with the new dangerously powerful icers she has designed. I guess she is continuing the campaign to stamp out the inhumans from last week much to Fitz and Skye's disappointment.

At the pier May and Coulson are trying to jog Lady Sif's memory and we have some Thor storyline exposition that leaves Sif smiling.  She tells them she does not recognize the word "Thor" but she wants to smile when she hears it. May understands and it goes over Coulson's head. It seems like we might be in for more and more Avengers details to creep into the show until Age of Ultron opens May 1st.  This has been working out well on the show so far and as long as they keep dropping bits of information and keep expanding the storyline it will not become a silly gimmick. Hunter, Mac and Fitz are analyzing the scene of the brawl and Hunter notices a strange line across a light post where the man's chest fluid hit it in the video.  He touches the post and it crashes to the ground so Fitz puts a piece into a little 3D scanner or transporter box for Simmons to analyze. OK, the magic technology is a lot of fun to see as well.

Bobbi and Skye are at the hospital where they find the nurse with sudden amnesia and contact Coulson. He has found a balloon vendor who describes how the mystery man attacked his cart and removed all of the valves from his helium tanks.  Simmons calls in and says the liquid is nitrogen which gets Lady Sif to remember that there are non humans in the universe who need nitrogen to live and she might have an idea who he is. Bobbi and Skye find the man in the basement of the hospital repairing himself and they see his blue skin turn light flesh color before he attacks Bobbi.  They fight until he throws her across the room and we see Skye in the corner afraid to make a move but she is holding a gun and she starts shaking the room, her hand vibrates so strongly that the gun falls apart into small pieces.  She is stunned and pretty helpless at this moment so it's a good thing when a shelving unit falls on her and the man escapes.

Safely back on the bus they patch Bobbi up and the team puts everything together,  This man is Kree and Kava means key in the Kree language. Sif asserts that if a Kree is on the planet he must be up to no good.  Skye and Fitz meet in secret and she tells him what happened and that she wants to go to Coulson.  Fitz disagrees and gets her to wait until his analysis of her blood is completed.  Hunter interrupts them and it is not clear how much he overheard.

Bobbi and Mac have their own clandestine chat about bringing Hunter into their circle. Bobbi wants to include him but Mac feels the betrayal will destroy them and the only chance Bobbi has of being with Hunter in the future is to cut him loose now.  They have to get him to reject Coulson's job offer and leave the group altogether. They spend time discussing their secret plan but never really talking about it.  They are not HYDRA, they hope to be friends with SHIELD after they "pull the trigger on this thing" but the entire conversation was just the two of them speaking in awkward code to each other for no reason,  I know they are not ready to reveal their plans to the audience yet but it was forced. Regardless Bobbi agrees but seems conflicted.

May has made some headway in her research finding a town in Portugal called Chaves which means keys in English. Sif remembers now, this was her mission: to find the Kree before he reaches Chaves.  Coulson remembers that we have heard Chaves before, this is where Whitehall first found the obelisk in 1944. As they leave for the mission Skye asks to sit it out, citing injuries from the hospital fight.
"After my run in with Blue Man Group I still feel a little banged up. I am worried that I am not going to be much help."

It was better than a Smurf reference, right? Both May and Sif look suspicious of her motives but Coulson sends her to Simmons to get more tests done .

May finds something in her research, Chaves caves in Portugal which means keys in English, Sif remembers that's where the Kree is headed, that ws her mission, Coulson has heard this before,,,this is where Whitehall first found the obelisk in 1944. Skye asks it sit the mission out,  "after my run in with blue man group I still feel a little banged up, worried I am not going to be much help." May is not buying it, she thinks Skye is feeling unsure. Coulson asks her to get another check up for Simmons and lets her stay, even lady Sif is suspicious of Skye's motives.

Kree man is dragging a large metal crate out of a cave and just as he is about to open it the agents surround him and capture him with an electronic net. They should always travel with this thing it was very effective. They bring him to the honeycomb cell on the bus and interrogate him.  He remains reasonable and tells them he is not here to do harm, that his name is Vin-Tak and his truncheon (so that's what it is called) can remove but can also restore memories.  Bobbi has been analyzing the truncheon but finding nothing when Hunter comes in to throw around some cheesy double entendres. She rejects him and he gets upset that she is back to her old emotional games and he is annoyed and disappointed. She is sad and does not want to do this to Hunter.  If you love something set it free Bobbi.

The bus lands at HQ and for some reason they are following the Captain Dooley school of questionable prisoner trust (go watch Agent Carter now if you missed it) and letting Vin-Tak walk freely. Conveniently he says the truncheon only works when in his hand but when they protest he does some acrobatic flips and grabs it from Coulson, jabbing Sif again and restoring her memory. He tells the story of how all of this came to pass with some help from Lady Sif.

Eons ago the Kree waged a very long war they needed more soldiers for so they descended upon other planets to find them.  Blue angels falling from the sky.  One vicious faction of the Kree developed the terrigenesis to modify other creature's DNA but this was only successful on Earth where the altered beings built a city and brought the crystals there.  The "better Kree" thwarted those plans and ended the experiment.  They believed that the entire thing was stopped until recently. Vin-Tak saw that the signal had been triggered and he knew it had to be a diviner. He knew that if the current Kree empire learned that it was successful they would start the program again, enslaving humans to do their bidding.  He said these creatures are abominations and he has to erase all knowledge of them before it is too late.  There were enough diviners in the crate to create an army so we see Fitz and Simmons opening the crate and finding it empty. They assume the crate was emptied by Whitehall in the 1940's.  There were slots for 6 diviners.  Six diviners doesn't quite seem like enough to create an army, maybe you have to get a few thousand together in a stadium or something. Vin-Tak's worst fears have come true.
image copy

After checking out the crate Simmons sees Fitz's tablet and Skye's test results which she excitedly questions.  He plays it off as a simulation he has created and she mostly believes him, partly because she is excited that he is able to do such an excellent simulation which is surely a sign of his recovery.

Vin-Tak says we have to find the diviners and destroy the abominations that were created immediately. They talk about the event that changed Raina and when Vin and Sif learn that Skye witnessed it they are suspicious.  Scared Skye starts to rumble the room a bit and again nobody notices which is really odd I'd like to think someone would at least take note that the room was starting to tremble again. The drama escalates and Skye goes full on quake, the enter HQ shakes and Coulson turns to her and says, "Skye..what is doing this?" He knows the answer and the look on his face was torturous sadness he knows how badly this is going to turn out for her. Skye tells him it is her and she shatters the windows behind her but May and Coulson are immediately at her side, guns pointed at Lady Sif and VinTak.

image_3Sif tells her that she cannot control this power but it would continue to grow until she was able to take down whole buildings, tear continents apart. She wants to take her to Asgard.  Vin-Tak tells her that she may think she can control this power but she was not created for temperance she was created for destruction. Fitz pops in and distracts them enough for May to run away with Skye. Coulson steps in front of the advancing duo and says if they want her they will have to go through him first. THIS man is so awesome and deserving of more credit then the greater MCU gives him. Coulson wins everything.
May locks herself and Skye in the jail cell and tries to coach Skye to control her emotions.  Upstairs Simmons realizes what has happened, Fitz only cares about trying to protect Skye. Sif, Bobbi, Mac and later Hunter brawl with Mac being the first to be thrown down and Bobbi holding her own once again but with her sticks.

image_5In the jail cell Lady Sif's sword is starting to pierce the electronic wall and Skye is still quaking the entire joint. Fitz comes upon the fight with Vin-Tak and uses the big gun on Vin and then Bobbi zaps his memory with the truncheon.  I guess he wasn't the only one able to use it? Details are a little foggy on this and a few other things in this episode. Just as Sif breaks through the wall and is about to "take her to Asgard" Skye grabs a gun and shoots herself with the new icer, going down on the cot knocked out but still alive.  This stops the quake and Sif is confused as to why Skye would harm herself.  Coulson finds them and explains that Skye would rather harm herself than bring harm to any of them and that she can be trusted with her powers.  Well, at least he hopes she can because so far he has little reason to think so.
image_6An SUV comes of a stop in a wooded area and Coulson, May, Vin-Tak and Lady Sif in full armor step out. Where did her armor come from? Vin-Tak remembers nothing and Sif will bring him to his home planet. Kind of sad that he made what he thought was a heroic attempt to save an entire world that was not his own and he will never know.  Sif allows Skye to stay with SHIELD but cautions Coulson strongly. She ends up reminding him that her world is thousands of years more advanced than Earth and her people have real wisdom to pass on. Basically there are tides you cannot control in the universe and this is one of them but she wishes them luck however futile it may be.  Coulson feels he has things under control and although there are more diviners on Earth they flooded the city so nothing can be activated. Why does water prevent this? It seems pretty weak that buying some scuba gear could probably put someone with a diviner in the right spot to get things going again?

Sif and Vin-Tak are whisked off the planet and May is left talking to Coulson about the bigger issues and questions.  Could it be that Coulson has led them to this entire mystery, has saved Skye even though she is a danger to them…all because he now has Kree DNA? Could this be leading him to an endpoint he otherwise wouldn't have reached? Skye does seem to bring death wherever she goes but Coulson is going to do all within his power to help Skye harness her powers and protect her and so is May.  Mom and Dad have a plan, Skye, don't worry. Of course actual Dad has a plan too but we will see that next week.

At HQ everyone is cleaning up I guess they still have no staff on hand, WHERE are the Koenings? While they regroup everyone turns on Fitz for keeping Skye's inhuman status a secret. He defends himself and tells Simmons that she didn't handle his change very well and that he couldn't have trusted any of them not to lock her up to study or worse. Mac has an outburst of anger towards him, and yells that they are ones who need protecting from Skye.  Skye is in the doorway and hears the whole thing.  Heartbroken she swings a duffle bag over her arm and runs off.  It seems like she is leaving the group but she locks herself in the honeycomb cell and resigns to isolation for the moment.  She does not want to hurt anyone but if they don't all come around to support her soon I think she may end up leaving for good although which group might get her is anyone's guess.  I've felt great sympathy for Skye but after this episode she had better start getting some control and stop being helpless.

Mac is in the garage working on something when Hunter comes in and confronts him with the truth about whatever he and Bobbi have been up to. He knows about the flash drives and wants to know who "Backup" is or he will be going to Coulson.  Mac gets him in choke hold and either knocks him out or kills him. I am assuming he is unconscious which puts Mac in a precarious position but leaves Hunter around for the drama. What will he do now? And who Is Backup? Maybe 20 more Koening brothers pop up to help them when things kick off? Next week we get to find out what Hyde and his band of merry Inhumans has been getting up to and we will see if Skye is tempted to join them.  If Coulson can't get the agents on board and May has no luck teaching her then Skye might very well leave them behind. Also does anyone miss Ward? I've been fine without his storyline but I remain vaguely interested in what his endgame will be. Maybe he is working with Bobbi and Mac. Who knows?

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