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Bringing The Season To A Close – The Week In TV Ratings
Jamie Wotton Writes For Bleeding Cool Okay guys, bear with me I just lost this weeks article as I was trying to upload it. Stupid iPad. Through gritted teeth, I'm going to try to recreate my usual cheer, as embodied in the draft that I just finished, by writing in the blinding sunlight. Okay, here we go… It's over[...]
Mockingbird Lane, Nikita, The Tuesday Comedy Deathmatch – This Week In TV Ratings
Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool. A special presentation, the return of ABC comedies and politics We live in exciting TV times so let's get to it. Another Presidential Debate on Monday meant there was little of anything else airing Still, The Voice won the 8PM hour, of course The serious issue at hand is why do TV networks think we[...]