Happy Endings, Revolution And The Following Finish Up All Over The Place – The Week In TV Ratings.

revolution tvJamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool.

Following The Voice on Monday, Revolution matched its series low demo rating, at 2.0. With a surprisingly solid number, the series is definitely justifiable for its recent renewal, but the big question is what it will do without the lead-in next year?

Over on FOX, the season finale of Bones scored around its season average, maybe a bit higher, with a 2.1 rating. In a pleasant surprise, the finale for The Following also rose up to a 2.7. Perhaps it was The Bacon, or The Murder, god willing it certainly wasn't The Writing, but people stuck around really well for Kevin Williamson's drama. Looking at the season now, FOX a couple of well-enough rated dramas, that while not setting the world on fire, are more than enough to keep a network running – and honestly, even launch even bigger shows.

Premiering in a new timeslot was the enduring procedural Grimm on Tuesday, scoring a solid 1.9 following an episode of The Voice. After being introduced last season, the show has always had great luck in its bad Friday timeslot, so it's heartening to see it also do well in a different, more mainstream slot.

New Girl and The Mindy Project also aired, with Girl receiving a steady 2.0. More worryingly, Mindy tied its season low at 1.3. Brass at FOX really need to have some hopeful ideas about promoting Mindy next season, because right now, it probably should be dead,

ABC, who apparently had a lot of sitcoms to burn through, premiered their second new laugher called Family Tools on Wednesday. The show won a 1.5, in the timeslot previously owned by Suburgatory. Modern Family also aired, building a great 3.5, leading-out to other new show How To Live With Your Parents at 2.2. In the 10PM hour, Nashville sung up a 1.7.

On The CW, Arrow targeted its normal 0.9, with Supernatural scoring the same.

Thursday, thankfully, carried some more weight, as Community earned a now-decent 1.2 rating, and The Office, building up to its season finale, aired a one-hour episode scoring a 1.7. Although it still lacks a pick-up, Parks And Recreation ended the fifth season on a representative note at a 1.5. Hannibal kept its 1.0.

Without the buzz of a shooting episode, or any type of event, Glee maintains its lower numbers at a 1.9.

CBS, now flagged to be ending the season number one in the demo for the first time in decades, continues to smirk on Thursdays as The Big Bang Theory scores a 4.9, and Two And A Half Men does a 3.1. Person Of Interest scored a series low 2.4 while Elementary did a 2.0.

The Vampire Diaries scored a 1.0 on The CW, leading out into Beauty And The Beast's consistent 0.5.

On Friday, cult comedy Happy Endings came to its season – and possibly series – finale doing a 0.6 and 0.7 over its two episodes. On the drama front, Touch, apparently still airing, scored a 0.6 while Nikita did a 0.3.

Smash didn't do anything spectacular on Saturday, hitting a 0.5.

On ABC Sunday, Once Upon A Time did a now-decent 2.2. I'm still very much keeping my fingers crossed that the show will pick up for its finale, and return to season three with strong numbers. Revenge, following Once, did a 1.8 and Red Widow scored a 0.9.

And there ends another week.

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