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Women Of Color In Media: Visibility Achieved Next Step Representation

Women Of Color In Media: Visibility Achieved; Next Step, Representation

Sawyer (writer, publisher, WinC founder), Jewels Smith ([H]afrocentric writer and creator, activist), Vanee Smith-Matsalia (writer, educator), Jay Justice (cosplayer, activist), Alice Meichi Li (comic book artist, illustrator), Leen Isabel (cosplayer, artist, creator of Pole Dancing Adventures), Jazmine Joyner (comic book store owner), and Jules Rivera (comic book creator). The unanimous bottom line for the topic of[...]

Before San Diego: Jay Justice Cosplayer

Before San Diego: Jay Justice, Cosplayer

Cosplay correspondent for Bleeding Cool, Endymion Megeto, spoke to Jay Justice, of New York City.How long have you been going to SDCC? What was your first time at SDCC like?This year will be my second time at San Diego Comic Con My first time at SDCC was a lot of fun It's a big convention[...]