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Amazon Doesn't Love Dick, One Mississippi or Jean-Claude Van Johnson
With a move that many are seeing as Amazon continuing their purge of ousted president Roy Price's original-programming strategy, Amazon has announced that they've cancelled three original series:  I Love Dick, One Mississippi and Jean-Claude Van Johnson Company founder Jeff Bezos mandated a move away from their current programming strategy and toward larger, broader series that can[...]
Now it's gonna go make the tears rain down like a monsoon, so listen to the bass go boom: 'Mindhunter': David Fincher Not Marvel Studios Bound Any Time Soon can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DavidFincher ( Russian Election Trolls Watched House Of Cards To Learn How To Manipulate Americans can't be loaded because JavaScript is[...]
jean-claude van johnson trailer
Leave it to Amazon Studios to prove that you can't keep a good action hero down, following up on an earlier teaser and poster release for Jean-Claude Van Damme's meta action-comedy series Jean-Claude Van Johnson with a full trailer and some official pics The series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, December[...]
jean-claude van johnson
Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of those actors who has a tendency to disappear and reappear at the most random yet opportune times — so why should his new Amazon series be any different? After over a year since the pilot first premiered on Amazon, the streaming service has released a new teaser trailer and[...]