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LBCC 2015: What I Took Home From the Show
The print version looked amazing and I cannot wait to read more from Crosland in the future. I have run into Arizona writer/artist Jeff Pina at a number of the cons over the past couple of years This time, he had a new one-panel book featuring my favorite subject – cats! I thumbed his book Cats[...]
Jeff Pina Gets In To San Diego Comic Con
Cartoonist Jeff Pina writes, My mom, not once, ever said making comics was a stupid idea In 1993, Dennis Canal took me to my very first San Diego Comic Con In 1994, Alex Cook gave me my first indy comic, "Scud The Disposable Assassin" #4 and I knew I could make my own comics In 1995[...]
A Jack Kirby Birthday Tribute Comic
 Jillian had picked the image based upon the Captain's shield, so it's fitting that it's the part of the image that appears on the front cover. Other contributors include: Ryan Cody Chris Crainey DennMann Brad Dwyer Matt Goodall Joshua Green Rob Hicks Sam Laggren Eric Mengel Justin Miller Ernie Najera Christopher Ness Jeff Pina Tom Scioli Scott Serkland Eric Schock Scott Shehi Al Sparrow Derrick "Dadicus" West The comic will be debut on August 31 as[...]
Dr. Oblivion's Guide To Secret Identities
I'm Jeff Pina and I make Comic Books. I started in high school making mini-comics after my buddy gave me a copy of "Scud: The Disposable Assassin #4" and I found out that people printed comics on their own: Self-Publishing (or more commonly know as "What check will bounce first?") "Dr Oblivion's Guide to Teenage Dating" happened as an experiment[...]