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[RUMOR] 'Batman: Hush' Animated Film Adds Familiar Voices to Cast

The upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: Hush may have found its voice cast. Rumor has it that many veterans of other DC Animated films and properties, along with a couple newcomers. The rumors do not specify characters either, but based on previous films and shows should make it easy to make some pretty educated guesses. […]

Another Actress Confirms She Won't Be Back For Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is going through a revamp for Season 7 and we learned previously that actress Jennifer Morrison would not be returning. Today, another actress has confrimed that she won't be coming back either. Rebecca Marder, who plays Zelena, posted about her fate with the series on her instagram account. She says she […]

Jennifer Morrison Won't Be A Regular If Once Upon A Time Returns

Jennifer Morrison has been part of Once Upon A Time since the show premiered. She was already well known for her role on the series House, her role of Zoey on How I Met Your Mother and of course playing Winona Kirk in the new Stark Trek films. But with the ABC series planning a […]

Once Upon A Time Returns Tonight And We Have 3 Clips

Once Upon A Time returns and we have 3 clips from the ABC series to get you ready for tonight. In the first one, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) have a moment alone but it doesn't last long… the second clip shows us that what interrupted them was a dirigible from the land of untold […]

NYCC '15: Once Upon a Time: An Evening with the Dark Swan

Okay Oncers…I just want you to know, I fought through crowds of people, climbed mountains, slayed dragons, and tricked Rumplestiltskin to get into the Once Upon a Time: An Evening with the Dark Swan panel. Just kidding. The folks at ABC were kind enough to give me a nice little ticket that got me through […]