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Sandman Adverture
The advertisements in Sandman Overture #1 did seem to be rather oppressive. Repeated double page spread for more Sandman books or more books you might
Sandman Overture Was Written For One Person. JH Williams III.
That initial description of Dream's journey seemed to jar, as if it were an early thought, subsequently rectified. That slightly unravelled in The Endless graphic anthology, showing us anthropomorphic representations of other planets in their earliest days, Krypton, Oa and Earth, playing with the DC Universe in which the comic was nominally set. Now Gaiman has pulled[...]
Sandman Overture To Be Fully Returnable To Comic Stores
The Endless Nights hardcover had a first print of over 100,000 that sold out straight away. In October, we get a new Sandman: Overture #1 by Gaiman and JH Williams III It should be the number one ordered book of the month, by any reckoning But some retailers might have… forgotten. DC Comics are making Sandman: Overture[...]
Batwoman – An Arsenic Lullaby?
He writes; JH Williams III And W Haden Blackman Walk Off Batwoman Over DC Not Allowing Her Marriage To Maggie Sawyer Personally I would have named the story- Two self absorbed children with over inflated senses of self-worth leave perfectly good job because their lame story line is turned down by editors whose job it is to protect[...]
The Batwoman #25 You'll Never Get To Read
JH Williams III found out that Marc Andreyko was taking over Batwoman and that he would be writing the series from issue 25, rather than the expected issue 27, by reading about Baltimore reports about Dan DiDio onstage. Sadly, I guess with a new writer starting on Batwoman 25 means that the issue 25 we wrote[...]
DC Comics And The War Against Marriage
So, the story so far. JH Williams and W Haden Blackman publicly stated that, due to last minute editorial changes pushed on them, and DC's decision not to
Leaving Batwoman – Thursday Trending Topics
Here's where it started: JH Williams III, co-writer and artist on Batwoman, and artist on DC's upcoming Sandman: Overturehas laid it all out in his blog about why he, and co-writer WH Blackman are leaving the book Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday: JH Williams III Walks Off Batwoman Over DC Not Allowing Her Marriage To Maggie Sawyer (UPDATE) Bleeding Cool have run many articles[...]
Sandman: Overture – The New Name For Sandman Zero, Plus New Vertigo Comics, Hinterkind By Edginton, The Discipline By Peter Milligan And The Dead Boy Detectives
The Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III, will begin on Oct 30, and be published bi-monthly, so says DC Comics to the New York Times. Other new projects include Hinterkind by Ian Edginton, which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world in which the creatures of myth and legend have returned The Discipline by Peter Milligan, an erotic[...]