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Brimping And Lying Cats – Wayward #1 Goes After Sex Criminals And Saga Readers
Or rather, that should be readers of Sex Criminals and readers of Saga… Jim Zubkavich was the fellow who renamed his Image comic Skullkickers as All-New Skullkickers, Superior Skullkickers, Uncanny Skullkickers, what ever adjective was doing well at the time So he's no stranger to the exploitative PR stunt to push his comic. Which is why we[...]
The Sausage Factory – Birds Of Prey Special
You don't want to know… Newsarama January 7th Jim Zubkavich: Rather than pitching specific plot details or which villain the group would be going up against, I focused on creating a "character matrix" that focused on who the cast was, what they've been through and how they could grow and change as things progress[...]
Uncanny Skullkickers Changes To Savage Skullkickers In March
Althoiugh it's really issue nineteen. As ever Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang are to blame… In February, Skullkickers changed its name to Uncanny Skullkickers, modelled itself after Marvel's current three titles with Uncanny in the name and relaunched with a new issue one Although really it was just issue eighteen with a grab for some new[...]
Jim Zubkavich Takes Birds Of Prey From Duane Swierczynski In March
CBR has just run an interview arranged with DC PR in which Jim Zubkavich is announced as the new writer from issue 18, working with current artist Romano Molenaar They interview Jim who says; Slowly but surely I was approached about other possible DC writing projects and, when I expressed that I really wanted to write[...]
Pop Culture Hounding – Jim Zub And Matt Pizzolo
by Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode17.mp3] This week saw some rather interesting discussion and commentary after Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers) did a post on his blog about The Reality of Mainstream Creator-Owned Comics In the same week, Wired.com did a feature on Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics) who they referred to as World's Most Wired Comics Creator. I found them to be[...]
Jim Zubkavich Takes The Journey To Pathfinder
Well fantasy writer Jim Zubkavich of Skullkickers and Shiftylook fame will be writing the book when its published in August, with art by Andrew Huerta, and covers by Lucio Parillo, Matteo Scalera, Dave Dorman, and Erik Jones. Issue 1 is 40 pages of stuff for $3.99 including character profiles, game statistiics, and a pull oput map[...]
Jim Zubkavich And Jeffrey Cruz Reinvent Sky Kid As A Webcomic – And More To Come
Okay, this is an interesting one. A new website called shiftylook.com from Namco Bandai Games is taking a number of long forgotten game franchises, some from decades past, some only ever available in Japan… and getting our old friends Jim Zubkavich and Jeffrey Cruz at Udon Entertainment to turn them into weekly Sunday newspaper strip-style comics[...]