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Joan Lee Wife Of Stan Lee Passes Away At 93

Joan Lee, Wife Of Stan Lee, Passes Away At 93

It is with a heavy heart we report on the passing of Joan Lee, the exceptional woman who had been married to comics legend Stan Lee for almost 70 years  Joan was 93 years young, and still had that bright spark that caught Stan's eye  He'd routinely *still* introduce her at events as his "trophy wife" with[...]

Why Stan Lees Cameo Is Even More Special In X-Men Apocalypse (SPOILERS)

Why Stan Lee's Cameo Is Even More Special In X-Men Apocalypse (SPOILERS)

He's saved a woman from falling masonry, MC'ed a strip club and died at the hands of drinking Hulk blood.But X-Men Apocalypse's cameo scene has one very special element that sets it apart.It takes place as Apocalypse sets off all the nuclear missiles in the world, rocketing up into the sky, with people of the[...]