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Offseason Star Joe Swanberg Talks Mickey Keating, Acting & Directing
Joe Swanberg is as active in front of the camera as he is behind it, acting, writing, and directing several projects, thriving as a versatile artist With diverse projects like Easy on Netflix, You're Next (2011), and Build the Wall (2020), the actor took it upon himself to work with director Mickey Keating on his[...]
Offseason Star Jocelin Donahue on Film’s Cerebral Lovecraftian Vibe
The longer she stays, the more she realizes there are a lot of dark forces at work in the area she'll have to contend with to get to the bottom of the mystery. Jocelin Donahue and Joe Swanberg in Offseason (2022) Image courtesy of RLJE Films / Shudder Donahue was pitched the idea of Offseason by writer[...]
The Key To Saving Found Footage Movies Lies On V/H/S
Adam Wingard, director of You're Next, Glenn McQuaid, director of I Sell The Dead, the Radio Silence team, David Bruckner, director of The Signal, Joe Swanberg and Ti West, riding high on The Innkeepers That's an eclectic group of directors with enough common ground for the movie to be coherent but approaches that differ enough[...]