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Doctor Who: Season 24, the 7th Doctor’s Debut, Coming to Blu-Ray
Apparently one of the most reviled seasons of Doctor Who, season 24 actually marked the arrival of script editor Andrew Cartmel, who often clashed with producer John Nathan-Turner on the direction of the show, but Cartmel was able to start laying the groundwork for the next two seasons, which made the 7th Doctor darker, more[...]
DoctorWho" "Battlefield", BBC Studios
Now you can see the cut-down "For Dummies" version. DoctorWho" "Battlefield", BBC Studios Then Story Editor Andrew Cartmel, who was sort of the showrunner but had to take orders from producer John Nathan-Turner, had grand plans for the story and the show Architect of the so-called "Cartmel Masterplan", Cartmel was in the process of overhauling the mythology[...]
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Season 26 featured four epic adventures traversing a future Britain invaded by inter-dimensional knights, a strange Victorian house haunted by ghosts from Ace's past, an alien world populated by Cheetah People and a 1940s army camp under siege from monstrous vampires. With guest stars including Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Jean Marsh, Nicholas[...]