Jonathan Liebesman

Terry Brook's Shannara Gets A 10-Episode Order From MTV

This one has all kinds of interesting angles… It seems everyone wants to get in on the Game Of Thrones / Lord Of The Rings vibe going on out there. is reporting that MTV has given a 10-episode order to Shannara, based on the series of books by Terry Brooks. The series has a […]

Trailer For Turtle Power, A Documentary About Those Teenage Mutant Ninjas

Paramount will be releasing Turtle Power in August, where it can serve as a promo for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feature or, if your sentiments are a bit more like mine, the new feature can serve as a promo for it I'm far more interested in watching what looks like a DVD extra […]

Official Trailer For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Seems like they do have a new origin, as well as their new super-muscular builds. [youtube][/youtube] The Shredder variant and April's dad did something that created the ooze that created the Turtles? That's modern Hollywood thinking for you.

Michael Bay's Plans Next Transformers To Be His Last, Will Recast And Redesign

When talking about the cast of a Transformers film you might be speaking about the humans, or you might be speaking about the Autobots and Decepticons. I think, in this case, Michael Bay is talking about the humans. I think it would be commercially very damaging to oust, say, Peter Cullen from his role as […]

Scoop: Michael Bay's Alien Turtles Apparently Aren't Teenagers Either

Bleeding Cool has verified that the working title of the upcoming Paramount-Nickelodeon Turtle movie from producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Libesman is going by the working title of Ninja Turtles. We know all too well where the "Mutant" bit went, but now it seems we're also losing "Teenage." We haven't been able to get […]

New Trailer For Wrath Of The Titans Is Better Than The Last…

…well, at least it's shorter. There's an emphasis on the actual Titans, but you can bet your bottom dollar the film will be actually structured around the adventures of the humans. Still, while it would be unconventional to build a drama around big animals that don't really talk and just seem motivated to mash things […]

This Wrath Of The Titans Trailer Couldn't Have Come Along At A Worse Time

Following on the heels of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, the odd little Prometheus trailer and in the run up to the first teaser for The Hobbit, this trailer for Wrath of the Titans is on a hiding to nothing. So, with apologies to Sam Worthington and co., here's our first look at Wrath's action… […]

To Colon Or Not To Colon? Battle(:) Los Angeles

Here's a special Bleeding Cool trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. See if you can spot the difference between this and the one that's been playing around the web and in cinemas for at least few weeks. [youtube][/youtube] That's right, it's the bit where Ramon Rodriguez says "Bleeding Cool". A bit of a surprise to have […]

Rosamund Pike Replaces Alexa Davalos As Andromeda In Clash Of The Titans 2

Alexa Davalos will apparently not be available to reprise the role of Andromeda in the second Clash of the Titans film, so the gig has gone instead to Rosamund Pike. Last time we talked about her, she was being touted as a potential something in the new Superman film, in which something may or may […]