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Hazelight Studios and EA Originals' A Way Out is absolutely more than just a playable prison-break movie, but it is also a proper pastiche of games within games. A Way Out has something for literally everyone. You've got sports games, board games, 8-bit retro throwbacks, and even skill-based mini-games.
A Way Out Director Explains His Outburst At The Game Awards
There are no second guesses for what that moment was this year. When promoting A Way Out, director Josef Fares went on a three-minute rant about EA, microtransactions, games, and of course a rather 'colourful' comment about the Oscars Speaking to Polygon about the outburst, Fares while saying he probably got carried away, asserts it's just who he[...]
You Only Need One Copy of a Way Out to Play with a Friend in Co-Op
First off, the game's director Josef Fares transcended the Gane Awards by going on a crazy rant about games, microtransactions, art, EA and what he thought about the Oscars all within the space of 90 seconds It was as magical and endearing as it was scattershot and incoherent. However, the game just got another bit of[...]