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Locust Moon Announces Toon Books Nemo Edition, Quarter Moon: Impractical Cats, Shaman GN & Prometheus Eternal With The Philadelphia Museum Of Art
The joint effort will be designed by Francoise and feature an illustrated introduction by Art Spiegelman.  It will contain 30 of the 118 strips collected in Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream in an edition appropriate for "libraries, schools, backpacks, picnics, airplanes, and budgets without room for triple-digit literary line-items," to quote Locust Moon's publisher Josh[...]
Winsor McCay Lives! The Little Nemo Meets Carousel Event In New York
The book's editor Josh O'Neill was also in attendance. Before the performances began, however, and also after they concluded, the large number of attendees were treated to something that I can only describe as magical and transformative, something that has altered the way I see comics and really informed my knowledge of the medium Animation historian[...]
NYCC: Four Essential Booths to Visit
Nikolai Fomich writes for Bleeding Cool: There are thousands of booths and tables at New York Comic Con – here are four attendees should definitely check out. Locust Moon Press (Artist Alley V7) – Josh O'Neill on Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream: "Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream is a tribute to Winsor McCay and Little Nemo, his turn[...]
When Things Got Naked At Locust Moon Comics Signing On Friday
Clearly Josh O'Neill of Locust Moon is not disciplinarian, but in fact a facilitator: He says: Last night we got to host three of the most passionate, visionary cartoonists in the world Three dudes who do exactly the kind of work they want to do, and have the talent & technique to realize those ambitions on the[...]
Bleeding Cool and Locust Moon Comics Talk Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream
I sat down with two of the minds behind the project – Publisher Josh O'Neill and Creative Director Chris Stevens – to talk about McCay's visionary work and Dream Another Dream Together with Locust Moon's Editor-in-Chief Andrew Carl, Josh and Chris have gathered the greatest talents working in comics today to produce a truly extraordinary[...]