When Things Got Naked At Locust Moon Comics Signing On Friday

Locust Moon Comics in Philadelphia held a mega signing on Friday night to host Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel, and Tom Scioli  with some live comix performances in honor of their works Escapo, Fear, My Dear, and Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe respectively. Then things went…interesting when cooling off for the summer took on a whole new meaning.


Maybe we expected this from Dean Edmund Haspiel, who has been known for baring the torso on numerous occasion. But the rest of these guys are getting out of hand. Clearly Josh O'Neill of Locust Moon is not disciplinarian, but in fact a facilitator:

He says:

Last night we got to host three of the most passionate, visionary cartoonists in the world. Three dudes who do exactly the kind of work they want to do, and have the talent & technique to realize those ambitions on the page. They talked to us about their work, signed books and did a Kirby-tribute jam. Then we got 'em drunk & naked.


Dean Haspiel, when I asked him to comment on his horrendous acts of peer-pressuring other comics creators into nudity in public said: "Comix don't sell themselves anymore".

Need we remind you that Locust Moon is the same esteemed team who are bringing us Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, with a huge cast of tribute comics, currently on Kickstarter? Just a few days to go…

Their closing party for the project at Locust Moon Comics is on July 23rd. Clothing optional?


Update: Apparently things got even more naked later that evening, and Bleeding Cool was there to succumb to the craze in the form of our reporter Nikolai Fomich. Here he is with cartoonists Dean Haspiel, Paul Pope, Dave Proch, Mike Sgier, Jimmy Comey, as well as Chris Stevens:

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