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Mark Millar And Wilfredo Torres' Justice…. ?
There is… Justice Forever The superteam formed in Kick Ass 2 And a name that Mark Millar had trademarked last year Could this be those guys all grown up and looking like the League? Unless of course this is Millar returning the the world of Red Son….   Mark Millar writes, Hmm What could this be? Who's the[...]
Could Kick Ass 3 Be Called Justice Forever? Or Is This Something Else?
John Romita Jr and Mark Millar's Millarworld Limited have jointly registered the trademark "Justice Forever" with the USA The name of the Real Life Superhero group in the Kick Ass comic, and appearing in the upcoming Kick Ass 2 film, this week it became an official trademark for the following; SERIES OF COMIC BOOKS; GRAPHIC NOVELS;[...]