justice league snyder cut

Justice League Snyder Cut teaser

Darkseid Justice League Snyder Cut Art Revealed By Zack Snyder Himself

You can see for yourself below.[caption id="attachment_1212558" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Darkseid in Justice League Snyder Cut Credit Zack Snyder[/caption] Darkseid Could Make All of This Worth It I have to say; of all the Snyder Cut stuff, this is the one thing about it that has me interested at all Darkseid is such a fantastic character, a true[...]

Justice League Snyder Cut teaser

People Destroying Copies Of Justice League Because Snyder Cut Exists

Justice League "fans" are destroying their copies of the 2017 film now that they know the Snyder Cut is coming. A surprising number of fans are taking to social media sites and showing off destroyed and burning copies of what they refer to as JOSStice League. This is all following the news that the Snyder […]