People Destroying Copies Of Justice League Because Snyder Cut Exists

Justice League "fans" are destroying their copies of the 2017 film now that they know the Snyder Cut is coming. A surprising number of fans are taking to social media sites and showing off destroyed and burning copies of what they refer to as JOSStice League. This is all following the news that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is, in fact, coming to the new HBO Max streaming service in 2021. No word yet on if it will be an extra-long film, or if it will be an episodic series, all we know is that it is actually coming, and WB is giving Zack Snyder around $20-30 million to finish it. You can see fans destroying their copies of the existing film below.

Justice League Wasn't THAT Bad

It's really stupid that some fans are doing this. While I didn't really enjoy that film any more than most, it wasn't the worst film ever made or anything. There were still a few bright spots here and there. To make a spectacle out of destroying Justice League copies, however, seems a bit silly. As a sports fan as well, I know full well that fans will do this when players switch teams and such, and it is also silly then. People are allowed to find things terrible if they want to, of course, but let's keep it within reason.

Justice League Snyder Cut teaser
Image: HBO Max

What I find funny in all of this is nobody seems to think this Snyder Cut will be bad. Everyone already seems convinced that no matter what comes out, this version of the film with the same actors and almost double the runtime could not possibly be equal to or worse than the Justice League film we got. What if it is? Will, all of these people, do the same thing, only since it's on a streaming service will they just smash their TV's? Set their Playstation's on fire? I bet not. I have high hopes for this but within reason. Remember: too much of anything can be bad.

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