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"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Gets A Japanese Release Date

"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Receives Its First Trailer

Before the end of the year happens, the folks at Kadokawa Games decided to give players the first official trailer for Metal Max Xeno Reborn Just a few days after we find out the game will be released in Japan this March, we get a new look at the gameplay Along with some words from[...]

"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Gets A "New Generation" Trailer

"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Gets A Japanese Release Date

Kadokawa Games announced this week that they finally have a release date for Metal Max Xeno Reborn, but only in Japan The game's official Japanese release date will be March 26th, 2020 as it will be out on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch NIS America, who will be the North American distributor, had yet to[...]

"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Gets A "New Generation" Trailer

"Metal Max Xeno Reborn" Gets A "New Generation" Trailer

Kadokawa Games dropped a surprise trailer on fans yesterday as we get a better look at Metal Max Xeno Reborn in the latest teaser The game itself is set to be released sometime in the winter for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but the company has really provided a ton of detail to the game[...]

RPG Maker MV Has Been Canceled for Xbox One

Some sad news for Xbox One players hoping to see RPG Maker MV, as Kadokawa Games announced today that it's been canceled for the console Below is the Google translated version of the notice that went up on their website today, informing players of the news.[caption id="attachment_878781" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//NIS America[/caption] We announced as the release schedule of November[...]

God Wars 2 Will Feature Changes Made by Fan Request

Kadokawa Games revealed new information on God Wars 2 this weekend, including the fact that the company will be taking fan feedback into account during development The news hit during the Kadokawa Games Fan Dai Kanshasai 2018 event in Japan, by way of DualShockers.The fan feedback in question is coming from a survey organized in Japan during[...]

GOD WARS: The Complete Legends logo

Kadokawa Games Officially Announces God Wars 2 in Development

A couple of different sources, which includes voice actress Yuu Serizawa and idol Moa Tsukino, confirmed that during a closed-door event in Tokyo, Kadokawa Games announced the sequel was currently in development The actresses wasted no time in hyping the event on their Twitter accounts from attending the event, including official promotional materials from the event. https://twitter.com/moa__tsukino/status/1018017086566612998https://twitter.com/iRis_s_yu/status/1018010633969623040Of course,[...]