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Miguel Ferrer's Contribution To The Marvel Universe – The Comet Man
A comic miniseries and character he created with Mumy and Kelly Jones – The Comet Man The six-issue mini-series ran in early 1987 (just shy of 30 years ago) Comet-Man is Dr Stephen Beckley, an astronomer and astrophysicist who runs the Edmon project that looks into astronomical incidents Beckley pilots a craft into the tail of[...]
Free Digital Version Of Niles And Jones Edge Of Doom Trade
Niles reposted about this today though it looks like he initially put this out last year… but hell, free is free right? Here is a link to the entire Edge Of Doom trade paperback by Steve Niles, Kelly Jones and Jay Fotos. Niles describes the series: "With Kelley on top of his game and Jay Fotos doing some of the[...]
The Final Print Issue Of Wasted
What is it with Brits and issue eights, the same number as Dodgem Logic went to before it decided to go online, as Wasted is now doing as well. Either way, this final issue leaves us with a smorgasbord of names, including Kelly Jones, Mark Buckingham, Jason Brashill, Norm Breyfogle, Cam Kennedy, Tom Carney, Alex Ronald,[...]