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A Brand New Secret Six #3 For June

Secret Six by Gail Simone and Ken Lashley is late Really late The first issue came out on December 3rd The second issue was a month late, February 11th The third issue was then cancelled and resolicited for June.It seems though that it still won't be ready And so we will get a new issue[...]

The Past And Present Of Catman In Secret Six #2

It feels like way too much time has passed since the release of Secret Six #1, so I was so happy to get my hands on Secret Six #2 this week, from DC Comics, written by Gail Simone, with art by Ken Lashley and Drew Garaci The mystery continues as to why Catman, Porcelain, Ventriloquist,[...]

Gail Simone And Ken Lashley's Secret Six Launches From DC Comics

Gail Simone is relaunching Secret Six with Ken Lashley from DC Comics in December, announced in the LA Times.We Informed You Of This At A Previous Juncture, of course.When Gail Simone walked off Batgirl, she promised she had another DC project in the works, and this is.. well, one of them.The new team will include[...]

Chaos And Love: The Black Panel SDCC 2013 – With Video

Wayne Brady, Orlando Jones, Tatiana El-Khouri, John Jenning, Tony Rich, David Walker and Ken Lashley (who rsvp'd late) all were on stage and all enjoying the positive energy that was absolutely pouring out of everyone who was lucky enough to be in attendance (And I'm not just saying that because Davis gave me a free[...]

Ken Lashley On The DC Comics New 52 – "There's Always A Reset Button"

Flash artist/writer Francis Manapul, Animal Man/Frankenstein writer Jeff Lemire and Blackhawks artsit Ken Lashley are profiled together by their local paper, The Star, in the light of the DC Comics New 52 relaunch.Manapul expressed his excitement "The more you think about this initiative and the books that are spawning out of it, potentially what[...]

Ken Lashley On The Blackhawks New 52 Situation

Ken Lashley is solicited as the penciller of the first issue of the DC New 52 title, Blackhawks But he isn't drawing issue two, Graham Nolan is, though Lashley has drawn the cover And the cover for issue three, though Alessandro Vitti is meant to be drawing that issue (but isn't).The book is written by[...]