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ScamWatch: Fake GQ Mexico Editor Approaching Comics Artists
Anthony Piper and Ken Lashley were also reportedly approached and artist Ellie Maplefox was made aware of her identical situation by Afua's posts Afua has also decided to make the images available as prints, to try and claw back some of the time spent And also concluded, I was saying yesterday on facebook that it's time[...]
Hasbro Spoiled Gave Ken Lashley Major Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame
On Febuary 28th, 2020, at C2E2 2020, there was a sketch dual between the comic book artists Ken Lashley and Andy Price During this panel, both artists took suggestions from the audience about what characters to draw and what zany situations to put them in During the sketch duel, they both drew the Marvel Comics[...]
Pere Perez Replaces Ken Lashley on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12
Initially it was solicited thus: FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #12 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Juan Cabal (CA) Andrew Robinson We haven't seen Mary Jane Watson since #1, but that's about to change with this almost ALL-MJ issue! MJ saves Spidey, helps Aunt May and basically saves the day. Face it, readers, you just hit the jackpot. Then as that switched to #11,[...]
Black Panther Annual #1 cover by Daniel Acuna
Reginald Hudlin, Ken Lashley, and Matt Milla's tale was the more thought-provoking part. From here, we'll discuss each story. Priest, Perkins, and Troy's work feels incomplete, yet it does accomplish a solid ending You don't figure out the specifics of the mystery, even that's the consequence of Ross's perspective. Black Panther Annual #1 art by Mike Perkins and[...]
pull box comics 02/21/18
She starts in Columbia, where she is hired to avenge the death of a child on behalf of the mother. Mark Millar returns to write this one, and he's joined by artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz.  Black Panther Annual #1 cover by Daniel Acuna Black Panther Annual #1 This Annual brings back Christopher Priest, Reginald Hudlin, and Donald McGregor back to Black Panther, and they are joined by[...]
DC announces its Milestone plans at NYCC
Panelists included Jim Lee, Greg Pak, Reggie Hudlin, Ken Lashley, Kyle Baker, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Alice Randall, Several new series were announced : Milestone by writers Reginald Hudlin & Denys Cowan and art by Ken Lashley Static Shock by writers Hudlin and Cowan with art by Kyle Baker Duo story by writers Hudlin and Cowan, writer Greg[...]
There's No Excuse Not To Follow Your Dreams And Break Into Comics The Marvel Way
The panel itself, while it might not have included any groundbreaking news on how to get into comics, featured Marvel talent scout Rickey Purdin as the moderator, with the guests consisting of Matthew Rosenberg, Ken Lashley, David F Walker, Donny Cates, and Erica Henderson. As the panel began, the creators, consisting of writers and artists, explored[...]
X-Men Gold
Thankfully, it avoids all the troubling and perhaps negative aspects of the event it's tied to by locking itself in the New York/Manhattan location that is of course in the event trapped in the Darkforce Dimension. As a result, they are able to tell a comic story that isn't mired in political discussion, which can be[...]
The X-Men Return To Hope: X-Men Prime Review
If the concept of the Prime issues is to set up these new titles as well as present a primer for the tone going forward, then X-Men Prime only half delivers that. Art by Ken Lashley Certainly, there is nothing wrong with the writing or the art in the book Written by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak and[...]
Ken Lashley Shows Process Art For Superwoman #11 Cover
A few days ago we got our first look at the cover for Superwoman #11 by Ken Lashley that will be shipping in June The artist then posted on his Facebook account a step by step process for drawing the page This is a really nice detailed process showing him going from a rough outline[...]
Ken Lashley Meets A Lincoln MK2
Marvel cover artist Ken Lashley was tapped for a very special project The folks at Lincoln wanted him to create a live art installation as part of the unveiling of their new cars The art was to be done on a 2017 Lincoln MK2 Lashley took pictures and share them on his facebook page along with[...]