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Hasbro Spoiled Gave Ken Lashley Major Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame

Hasbro Gave Ken Lashley Major Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame

On Febuary 28th, 2020, at C2E2 2020, there was a sketch dual between the comic book artists Ken Lashley and Andy Price. During this panel, both artists took suggestions from the audience about what characters to draw and what zany situations to put them in. During the sketch duel, they both drew the Marvel Comics […]

Pere Perez Replaces Ken Lashley on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12

The solicits for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 have certainly been in the wars. Initially it was solicited thus: FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #12 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Juan Cabal (CA) Andrew Robinson We haven't seen Mary Jane Watson since #1, but that's about to change with this almost ALL-MJ issue! MJ saves Spidey, helps Aunt May […]

Black Panther Annual #1 cover by Daniel Acuna

Black Panther Annual #1 Review: A Celebration of King T'Challa

Three tales of the Black Panther are brought to the table. Everett K. Ross is captured by Hatut Zeraze after a Wakandan courier with potentially world-altering technology is killed in Brooklyn. In the second story, Black Panther searches the harsh mountains of Wakanda for the heart-shaped herb which grants the power of the Black Panther. […]

DC announces its Milestone plans at NYCC

Hugh Sheridan reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool DC Comics announced their plans for next spring's revival of the Milestone imprint at NYCC this Thursday. Panelists included Jim Lee, Greg Pak, Reggie Hudlin, Ken Lashley, Kyle Baker, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Alice Randall, Several new series were announced : Milestone by writers Reginald Hudlin & […]

X-Men Gold

X-Men Gold #7 Review: A Very '90s Feel, And Great Tie-In Comic

X-Men Gold #7 is the comic series' first Secret Empire tie-in. Thankfully, it avoids all the troubling and perhaps negative aspects of the event it's tied to by locking itself in the New York/Manhattan location that is of course in the event trapped in the Darkforce Dimension. As a result, they are able to tell […]

The X-Men Return To Hope: X-Men Prime Review

With both the X-Men and Inhuman parts of the Marvel Universe coming into ResurrXion after the dark times (for the mutants at least) of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Marvel's decision to prime the audience for what's to come with the aptly named Prime issues for both parties seemed a pretty good one. Allow the audience to […]

Ken Lashley Shows Process Art For Superwoman #11 Cover

A few days ago we got our first look at the cover for Superwoman #11 by Ken Lashley that will be shipping in June. The artist then posted on his Facebook account a step by step process for drawing the page. This is a really nice detailed process showing him going from a rough outline […]

Ken Lashley Meets A Lincoln MK2

Marvel cover artist Ken Lashley was tapped for a very special project. The folks at Lincoln wanted him to create a live art installation as part of the unveiling of their new cars. The art was to be done on a 2017 Lincoln MK2. Lashley took pictures and share them on his facebook page along with […]

Ken Lashley On X-Men Prime For ResurrXion – And All The Writers Join In

By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent  Marvel have decided to release more details (barely) to Entertainment Weekly, about the changes to X-Men coming as part of Spring's ResurrXion. So what is new? The first major addition is that there will be a standalone primer issue called X-Men: Prime, that will be illustrated by […]

On Thanksgiving Eve, Controversial Pie Thoughts From Canadian Artist Ken Lashley

Thanksgiving holds a special place in the hearts and ample stomachs of all Americans, as one of our most sacred food-themed holidays. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and, of course, pumpkin pie, are all essential for the Turkey Day feast. However, not everyone respects these time-honored traditions, it seems, as Uncanny X-Men artist and confirmed Canadian Ken Lashley took to […]

Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 74: #SecretWarriorsTV, Ken Lashley, Figment, And More

Bleeding Cool welcomes back the podcast Mighty Marvel Geeks, hosted in part by Mike Ehmcke, who also hosts the podcast We Be Geeks, which runs on Bleeding Cool on the weekends. Here they talk about all things Marvel-related, and especially what their top picks are for the Marvel books coming out in the week ahead. […]

Gerardo Sandoval, The New Artist On New Avengers After Secret Wars?

We're trying to continue to put together which creators will be working on which Marvel projects after Secret Wars. Aside from the official PR announcements, we have also discovered the likes of Jeff Lemire and Ken Lashley working on X-Men titles. And the next one on the list is Gerardo Sandoval, on New Avengers. Sandoval […]

Ken Lashley Will Be The New X-Men Artist After Secret Wars

Bleeding Cool has already told you that Jeff Lemire will be the new head writer on the X-Men titles after Secret Wars. That was a pretty well sourced leak… This is less so well sourced, though there is a strong narrative to it. I'd just have to trust someone who I haven't talked to before. […]

Ken Lashley Breaks Down His Doomed Variant Cover

Ken Lashley posted his process art for the Doomed #1 cover on his facebook page. He said he did it in one afternoon… on a Friday. It's interesting to see how he goes from just a loose pencil sketch right to inking in fine details.