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"Aliens, Lasers And Billionaire Industrialists" – The Doorman #1, Reviewed
That's not a bad thing though, and in fact it helps to create a sense of fun with characters that are wholly new and interesting. In fact, on those characters, Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith and Kendall Goode do an incredible job of endearing us and making the reader care about them quickly Lead character Henry Clay Waters, Doorman[...]
The Minds Behind The Doorman – A New Series From Heavy Metal
There is a new book coming out from Heavy Metal called the Doorman and I spoke with writer/creator Daniel Kibblsemith (The Late Show), artist/creator Kendall Goode, and writer/creator Eliot Rahal (The Paybacks). BLEEDING COOL: How did the idea for the Doorman come about? You have three creators with two of them being writers, where did the idea start[...]