"Aliens, Lasers And Billionaire Industrialists" – The Doorman #1, Reviewed

By Joe Glass


The Doorman #1 is a great starting point for a quirky, action-filled sci-fi world that promises many twists and turns.

The story starts with a fairly standard trope of a hard-working career man on the last day of his job…only to then twist it into a weird and crazy world of planet-hopping doors, aliens, lasers and billionaire industrialists.


The story at times may feel a little familiar in one sense, as there are definitely elements of classic sci-fi like Doctor Who influencing the proceedings. That's not a bad thing though, and in fact it helps to create a sense of fun with characters that are wholly new and interesting.

In fact, on those characters, Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith and Kendall Goode do an incredible job of endearing us and making the reader care about them quickly. Lead character Henry Clay Waters, Doorman for Earth, is relatable, funny and down-to-earth in a world and situation that is anything but. Detective Flowers is exciting, tough but also with a soft streak, and we quickly get wrapped up in her case and the mission that brings these two disparate characters together.


The Doorman makes excellent use of Goode's fantastical stylings, with truly bizarre looking and intriguing characters on every page. Goode manages to provide an incredible level of detail while still making for clean, clear pages and an easy to follow and flowing story-telling style.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series, especially after one helluva cliffhanger at the end.

Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool contributor and the writer/creator of LGBTQ+ superhero action series The Pride, which was a Top 25 Best Selling Comixology Submit Title of 2014. and is available on Comixology and here. He is also the co-writer of horror comedy set in Wales, Stiffs.


About Joe Glass

Joe Glass has been contributing to Bleeding Cool for about four years. He's been a roaming reporter at shows like SDCC and NYCC, and also has a keen LGBTQ focus, with his occasional LGBTQ focus articles, Tales from the Four Color Closet. He is also now Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent thanks to his obsession with Marvel's merry mutants. Joe is also a comics creator, writer of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, the first issue of which was one of the Top 25 ComiXology Submit Titles of 2014. He is also a co-writer on Stiffs, a horror comedy series set in South Wales about call centre workers who hunt the undead by night. One happens to be a monkey. Just because.