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Kenneth Branagh To Direct Artemis Fowl

According to The Tracking Board, director Kenneth Branagh, director of Shakespeare adaptations, Thor and Disney's recent live action Cinderella, will adapt Artemis Fowl for the screen The Eoin Colfer novel, the first in a series of children's books, follows "the brilliant and cunning 12-year-old eponymous criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl II, whose cunning plot to extort[...]

Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor And Why Loki Is So Loved

Actor and Director Kenneth Branagh was out doing press for his latest film Cinderella when he was asked about why people were so taken with Tom Hiddleston's turn as Loki and why he thought the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a success.. he has an interesting take on both questions.Thor: Ragnarok is set to be in[...]

Kenneth Branagh Brings His Vision To A Classic Tale

But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham-Carter) steps forward and -- armed with a pumpkin and a few mice -- changes Cinderella's life forever The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and you can see some of the touches he adds to his films including[...]

Chris Pine Regrets Having Gotten It Wrong On A Franchise

Director Kenneth Branagh said he would come back for a sequel as there are many more Jack Ryan stories to tell Previous Jack Ryan films starred Alec Baldwin ( The Hunt For Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger) and Ben Affleck (The Sum Of All Fears) as the titular character. In[...]

New Un-American Trailers For Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit And Walter Mitty

There's 'domestic' and 'international.'These trailers for Kenneth Branagh's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Ben Stiller's The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty have been cut for 'them.' Or, where I come from, 'us.'Yes, they are significantly different to previous edits you'll be hard pressed to determine what it is, specifically, that is un-American about them[...]

First Trailer For Latest Tom Clancy Movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Has "Hollywood" had a bang on the head?Kenneth Branagh has both directed and stars in the new film, so at least one cast member gets their name on the poster.The film was recently given the Shadow Recruit subtitle to - hopefully - help it avoid the problems that dogged movie titles like Jack Reacher, Alex[...]

First Image Of Lily James As Cinderella In Kenneth Branagh's Live Action Remake

Above is the first official image released from Disney's live action redo of their own fairy tale, Cinderella, now being directed by Kenneth Branagh in London.Downton Abbey's Lily James is pictured as the servant-turned-Princess, galloping away on a horse in a scene that's definitely not out of the 1950 cartoon Despite that, the image is[...]

New Loki And Odin Posters For Thor: The Dark World

Both of these characters, Odin and Loki, seem to be pretty popular with audiences and Marvel know it, bumping up their screentime with some new scenes from recent additional shooting.Alan Taylor's The Dark World does look a little less colourful than Kenneth Branagh's take on things, and extending this to the posters shows how much[...]

Helena Bonham Carter Is An Undercover Fairy Godmother For Branagh's Cinderella

Kenneth Branagh and Disney ultimately cast Lily James in the title role, with Cate Blanchett as her wicked stepmother, Sophie McShera and Holliday Granger as her stepsisters, and Game of Throne's Richard Madden as Prince Charming.It's still not entirely clear when and where this version of the story will be set Despite several comments that[...]

Lily James Is Disney And Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella

If I remember correctly, she was apparently rather nice, can't run very fast and ranks Save The Last Dance as one of her favourite sporting films - bending the definition somewhat.Kenneth Branagh is directing the new Cinderella from a screenplay by Aline Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz, and that's not a bad roster of talent[...]

Three More Would-Be Cinderellas Make Kenneth Branagh's Shortlist

I could write a pretty tired post about Kenneth Branagh's now-casting Cinderella, busting out the "trying on the glass slipper schtick" and going back over, again, how disappointing it is that Mark Romanek left the project.Let's not Let's just look at the three candidates for the lead, as per Deadline.Bella Heathcote was in Dark Shadows[...]

Kenneth Branagh May Take Over For Mark Romanek On Disney's Cinderella

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.It was a bummer when Mark Romanek left Disney's upcoming live action remake/reboot/re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Cinderella, but it looks like the studio won't have to downgrade to keep the production on its projected 2014 release schedule.Vulture reports Kenneth Branagh is negotiating to take over directing duties and[...]

The Official Blurb For Chris Pine And Kenneth Branagh's Jack Ryan Movie

I guess Clancy was vague on the physical descriptions?Here's a blurb for the film that tells you pretty much everything else I know about it.Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, Inc., and Skydance Productions announced today that principal photography has begun on “JACK RYAN,” from Academy Award®-nominated director Kenneth Branagh, starring Chris Pine, Academy Award®-nominated[...]

First Image Of Chris Pine In Tom Clancy-Based Thriller Jack Ryan

We're not sure where he's going in this photo, but he seems quite annoyed about it.Pine is the fourth actor to star in the iconic role, preceded by Alec Baldwin (The Hunt For Red October) Harrison Ford (Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger), and Ben Affleck (The Sum Of All Fears), but director Kenneth[...]

New Jack Ryan Movie Nets Keira Knightley And Puts Her In Danger

Currently going by the simple title of Jack Ryan, Paramount's new reboot of the Tom Clancy-created political action thriller series will star Chris Pine in the title role and Kenneth Branagh, reputedly as the villain.Branagh is also directing and has recently auditioned some potential female leads for the film, ultimately settling on Keira Knightley.According to The[...]