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Knights Of Badassdom Coming To VOD Next February, But It's Not Joe Lynch's Cut

Good news: Knights of Badassdom is finally going to be released - On Demand and streaming beginning on February 11th, 2014, reports Dread Central.Bad news: It is indeed the "producer's cut" rather than one cut by the film's director Joe Lynch, just as we feared earlier.We haven't seen the new cut, though Brendon reports through[...]

How Movie Blogging Works – The Knights Of Badassdom Case Study

Back in the summer of 2011, director Joe Lynch premiered the trailer for Knights of Badassdom during a San Diego Comic-Con panel It was a rather exciting moment.He then played a clip, and that was even more exciting Really, the clip went down very well.Then the trailer arrived online, later that afternoon.And then I got[...]

Non-Stop Action Picture Everly To Star Kate Hudson

At some point later this year, Joe Lynch's sophomore picture The Knights of Badassdom will finally be unveiled It's been a long time coming - not least because Lynch seemed to take an awful long time selecting a second project And it's a special film to Bleeding Cool, being the subject of my first story[...]

Chillerama And The Knights Of Badassdom – A Joe Lynch Pawprints Special

Knights of Badassdom will be the "Sundance picture in a tentpole's skin" that sees a series of LARPers thrown into battle against a demon they have accidentally conjured up from an album cover.The film's stars are Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage and.. actually, let's just run through thosee again: Kwanten, Glau,[...]

More Dinklage In The Second Knights Of Badassdom Image – UPDATED In Hi-Res

Up above is the second, official image from The Knights of Badassdom We previously ran the first.This appears to show Peter Dinklage, as Hung, having the upper hand over Michael Gladis as King Diamond Or maybe I need glasses And in case you need glasses, this aint no Middle Earth - they're LARPers The film's[...]

Look: It's A Knight Of Badassdom

The knights of badassdom behind The Knights of Badassdom this weekend promised that once the film's Facebook page made it to 1000 likes, they'd post the first promotional image from the film I was hooked by this (they had me at "assdom") and even tried to campaign on their behalf, get the "likes" up and[...]