Kristian Bruun

“Ready or Not” Trailer: Hide and Seek Gone Gory

"Ready or Not" Trailer: Hide and Seek Gone Gory

Evil) and Ryan Murphy (Minutes Past Midnight), Ready or Not feels like it belongs in The Purge universe with its social commentary and black comedy, but instead of modern firearms, you have the medieval weaponry of maces, crossbows, bows and arrows, and swords.Check out the red band trailer. MacDowell, known mostly for her dramatic work,[...]

WonderCon '15 – Orphan Black Season 3 Will Rock Your World, With Graeme Manson, Kristian Bruun, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Evelyn Brochu, Maria Doyle Kennedy

Leanne Aguilera hosted the panel for the BBCA series Orphan Black at WonderCon on Saturday evening, and after a teaser peek at Season 3, she introduced Graeme Manson (co-creator), Kristian Bruun (Donny), Dylan Bruce (Paul), Evelyn Brochu, and Maria Doyle Kennedy, and lastly, to great fanfare, Jordan Gavaris Absent Tatiana Maslany filmed a special WonderCon[...]