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So What Did Adi Granov Say About La Mole Comic Con Anyway?
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool ran an account by Mark Brooks, who pulled out of attending la Mole Comic Con this past weekend at the last minute, over coronavirus concerns, and the insults he received from the organisers as a result We also ran an apology post by La Mole Comic Con CEO Elias Ortiz,[...]
La Mole Comic Con Apologises to Mark Brooks
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on a Facebook Live video from La Mole Comic Con of Mexico that ran last weekend, in which Mark Brooks, among other comic creators, were insulted over their last-minute decision not to travel to Mexico for the show, in the light of the coronavirus pandemic A number of prominent[...]
So What Did La Mole Comic Con Say to Mark Brooks Anyway?
Comic book artist and cover artist extraordinaire, Mark Brooks, was to attend La Mole Comic Con, the biggest comic con in Mexico, and one of the biggest in the Americas, this past weekend but he decided to pull out But then things went further south Yesterday he posted in a public post to Facebook, A few[...]
There Are Spoilers In Superior Spider-Man #29. SPOILER UPDATE x2
Jonah Jameson's control… • …but now they've been drafted into The Goblin Nation! • Guest Starring: Spider-Man 2099! 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99 And here's the variant cover for La Mole Comic Con in Mexico this weekend.I'm not sure if Black Cat is in the issue I'm not sure anyone will care. Though Dan Slott won't be there… he'll be here! @chidioko[...]