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Night Court Star Lacretta on Gurgs, Classic TV, Larroquette & More
One dramatic change is instead of two bailiffs, as was the case with Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield in the original series, we have one in Lacretta's Donna Gurgs in the new series While we don't know if Moll and Warfield will return, John Larroquette, who plays Dan Fielding, is the lone original cast member[...]
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Please be more active on social media! Because based on the responses we've been getting from what has been out there (and serious props to Lacretta for handling most of that), there are a ton of folks excited about the series and wouldn't mind a glimpse behind-the-scenes every now and then Seriously That post that[...]
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Lacretta (Gotham) is joining the cast as series regular Donna "Gurgs" Gurganous, who takes her job very seriously Big-hearted, intense, and not big on boundaries, Gurgs is easily riled up and fiercely protective of her night court colleagues She lives with multiple large dogs in a small Bay Ridge apartment Lacretta joins Larroquette, Rauch, and Ana Villafañe[...]