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What Do You Do With A Broken Leopardon (Spider-Man 2099 Spoilers)
And left for dead. But did you really think that would be the end? In yesterday's Spider-Man 2099 #8, Miguel O'Hara and Lady Spider come across his corpse. Time to take it to the lab… in Earth 803. Except in in Amazing Spider-Man #13… Yeah, the safe zone is Earth 13 in the present, not Earth 803 in 1895[...]
Lady Spider, May Reilly, As A Symbol Against Fake Geek Girl Criticism?
So, yes, we thought Mary Reilly, the Steampunk "Lady Spider" from the current Marvel comic event masterminded by Dan Slott, Spider-Verse could be a big thing Certainly for cosplayers We didn't know the half of it Because it could be argued that she's there to represent the "Fake Geek Girl" debate Well, I'm certainly going to[...]