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Artifical Intelligence And Larry Young- Where Did The Crystal Dragon Come From?
But how about writing? Larry Young, publisher of AIT/Planet Lar, author of Astronauts In Trouble and current head contributor to Dork Court, gave an artificial intelligence writing program the first two paragraphs from his novel/graphic novel, Live from the Moon , a procedural thriller set during the early days of space exploration, "to see what it[...]
Larry Young And Charlie Adlard's Astronauts In Trouble Comes To Image In June
It was the comic book that launched a publisher. Astronauts In Trouble launched the graphic novel publisher AiT/Planet Lar, written by one of its founders Larry Young And drawn by Charlie Adlard, who would also go on to do fun things too. AiT/Planet Lar would also publish some of the earliest comics work of Brian Wood, Matt Fraction,[...]
Understanding Harley Quinn Comics With Jim Lee … And Larry Young!
But publisher/writer Larry Young wanted to letter his own version of Jim's example and sent it in… So, there was a bit of fuss that the page that fans were being asked to draw, the winner appearing in Harley Quinn #0 featured Harley naked in a bathtub looking as if she's about to commit suicide[...]
How To Pitch Your Comic By (Or Possibly To) Larry Young
Larry Young writes from Bleeding Cool; Here's a simple list of things to include or to be aware of when you send me (in my capacity as publisher at AiT/Planet Lar, or whatever it is I do for First Comics ) your pitch or finished script for a project You wouldn't believe how many professional writers,[...]
Agent Coulson, The Avengers And The Future
Larry Young writes for Bleeding Cool; THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE AVENGERS MOVIE. I'm not a person who puts much truck into "spoilers," because I'm an old-school entertainment consumer Back in 1980, I bought the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back and found out Yoda was a little blue yard gnome The experience of watching[...]
Swipe File: Apollo 18 Vs Full Moon Fever
On the left, Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, producing a werewolves-on-the-moon thriller. On the right, Full Moon Fever, also a werewolves-on-the-moon thriller, which was art-directed by Larry Young,who has been working for Kickstart of late. Kickstart is run by Wanted's producer Jason Netter. Hmm. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to[...]