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San Diego Comic-Con Debuts First Latina Superhero Team, A La Brava
I will be one of the latter, Biden-willing. Kayden Phoenix PR shot And San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition is to debut the first Latina superhero comic book team, A La Brava, written by Kayden Phoenix of new publisher Phoenix Studios who says "I want to create a superhero mindset for all marginalized individuals, particularly Latine." A La[...]
EG: Representation Matters, Latinx Thoughts
As Latina and growing up outside the US, I never realized how little Latino representation there actually is given that I was constantly surrounded by channels and artists who looked like me Once I grew up and moved here, it became painfully clear that people like me just didn't matter when it came to television[...]
family crimes david ayer
Adding credence to that belief is the fact that Family Crimes has begun setting up a writers room, started the casting process, and is formalizing a production schedule for a Summer 2018 shoot. Credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0) Written by Ayer through Jerry Bruckheimer Television (Unthinkable, Main Justice), Family Crimes centers on a young privileged Latina[...]
Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Developing Latino Series For CBS, CW
Illegal and centers around a Latina doctor who immigrates to Miami but is forced to work as a nurse's assistant after she learns that she's unable to practice medicine in the U.S Unable to resist the need to help those around her, she risks everything by opening a makeshift clinic in her apartment to serve[...]