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Unboxing The Funko Legion Of Collectors Wonder Woman Box *SPOILERS*
I had a great deal of excitement built up for this particular box from Legion Of Collectors With the Wonder Woman film coming up in a month, I fully expected this box to be stuffed to the gills full of surprises and products like the Superman box a couple months ago Did it live up[...]
Funko Has All The Wonder Woman Exclusives You Could Want
I really love what they have been doing with these. And while we are on the subject of Wonder Woman Funko: it is not to late to sign up for the Wonder Woman themed Legion of Collectors box Full of Wonder Woman goodness, all 100% exclusive, the order cutoff is May 1, and you can bet[...]
I'd Like To Thank The Legion Of Collectors… My Mom… The Academy…
He handed me a box, from Funko it said… Legion of Collectors Founders Gift it read Some quick knife work and my prize was free And then a few photos so all could see… And enough with rhyming I was a little meh on the Marvel Collector Corps one-year gift as it was a Captain America[...]
Unboxing The Legion Of Collectors Superman Box SPOILERS
Today I received the new Legion of Collectors Funko subscription box I had never gotten any of the previous Legion of Collectors boxes, only the Marvel and Star Wars ones in the past, so to have my first box be a Superman one was a thrill So I filmed an unboxing for you guys and[...]
Legion Of Collectors Teaser Takes Superman Where He Hasn't Gone Before…
Funko and DC's Legion of Collectors subscription service announced their next theme with two fun video teasers The first one was pretty straight forward and features a box changing into a Superman themed box in a phone booth The second one though features the Clark Kent box getting a text of an asteroid hurtling towards[...]
Unboxing The Legion Of Collectors January Box – DC Legacy
I just received the latest DC Legion of Collectors box and I've done an unboxing I couldn't figure out the theme of the box while filming, but below was the teaser which tells us that it was DC Legacy… which explains the classic Green Arrow patch and reprinted Aquaman Comics This is the first box[...]
Batman Hangs In The Balance As DC Teases New Legion Of Collectors Box
Funko and DC have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming DC Legion of Collectors box focused on Batman Villains Being this is a random surprise subscription box, they don't tell you what's in it, instead they have a fun little seen with Pop! versions of the Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face and the Riddler holding[...]
Legion Of Collectors – Suicide Squad Unboxing
I've done up a quick unboxing for the latest Legion of Collectors box featuring the Suicide Squad Somehow going into it I can't figure out who is on the box until I open it… but I catch on pretty quick I'm just not used to the pigtail look for Harley Quinn or the tattoos. If you[...]
Unboxing The Legion Of Collectors First Box
The Legion of Collectors is the new Funko / DC comics bi-monthly random box Like the Marvel's Collectors Corps, the Legion of Collectors box focuses on the specific publisher allowing fans to narrow down what they get somewhat I recieved my first shipment, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed box, yesterday and here[...]
Funko Drops Legion Of Collectors Trailer
Funko has released a trailer for their new Legion of Collectors box… and of course since the theme is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailer is a Pop! homage to the film If you haven't signed up for the Legion of Collectors, here is the link. Funko has released a trailer for their[...]