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Unboxing 'Batman: The Animated Series' Legion Of Collectors Funko Box (With Special Guest!)

One of the more anticipated Legion of Collectors DC Funko boxes, this months theme is all based around Batman: The Animated Series. Maybe the most beloved version of any DC character, let alone Batman, this was not a box that they could afford to get wrong.

The Legion of Collectors boxes have been particularly strong this year, the Superman box earlier this year is personally the best subscription box they have eve done, and the last one for Wonder Woman was strong, as well. How does this one hold up to those? To answer that, we unboxed it for you. And this time, I had a special guest help me: my daughter Katie! Watch our video below, then stick around for a closer look at everything.

So there you have it. Another really strong box. Let's really take a look at it all.

Batman The Animated Series Funko Legion of Collectors Box Patch and Pin

The patch and pin in this one are pretty great. I'm not a fan of The Joker at all (I'm a Riddler guy), but even I enjoy the Animated Series version of him, and this patch is vibrant, oddly shaped, and unique, so I like it. And the pins are always a favorite of mine, this Catwoman is no different. I love that the background is a diamond!

One of my favorite comics of the '90s was the Animated Series tie-in comic, so getting a sweet Funko Pop variant cover paying tribute not only to the show, but that comic itself was an awesome surprise. I'm glad they included a nod to this underrated series.

Batman The Animated Series Funko Legion of Collectors Box Shirt

I will keep saying it: I like getting different-colored shirts. Every comic shirt seems to be black, so I appreciate when we get something different. This is a great-looking shirt, don't get me wrong. And it shouldn't be any other color, but I am just over black t-shirts as a whole. That being said, I love the design a ton. The classic logo, mixed with Funko, is perfect.

Changing things up a bit, we will look at the Pop next, and this one is pretty great. When I think of Mr. Freeze, I think of this version of him, and they really got this one right. The costume and colors are flawless, right down to the hue of the blue. The headsculpt is right on, and it may seem weird, but the eyebrows make the face. They look so sinister, mixed with the red eyes. Man, this really is a great Pop. And of course, the plastic dome helmet puts it over the top. It's not too heavy, so the figure doesn't fall over, and really makes the entire thing great to look at. Just an all-around great job.

The final item in the box is probably the coolest. Dorbz are not really my thing by themselves, but I am a fan of the Dorbz Ridez line, and the ultimate is a Batman with a Batmobile. The packaging alone on this one is enough to make it awesome, with the Gotham background. Once you take it out, The car itself is absolutely perfect: great sculpt, every detail is on the car, and the colors are correct. I only wish that the wheels allowed it to roll. The Batman inside it comes out, and Bruce himself makes for a pretty adorable Dorbz figure! The narrow white eyes make this one, as they scowl at you while he smiles. This one is a must-add to any collection.

Batman The Animated Series Funko Legion of Collectors Box Teaser

So the streak continues! This year is going to end up belonging to the Legion of Collectors, which I am not sure people would have predicted with the three Funko boxes. The next one is all Villains-themed, so expect some of the characters above to be included. (I hope the Pop is Luthor.) You can place an order for one right here, right now.

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